Family: Extracel-MCL-phaZ

Block: X

Parent Family: No family


Extracellular dPHAMCL depolymerases: extracellular medium-chain-length poly(3-hydroxyalkanoate) depolymerases . Could hydrolyze PHO poly(3-hydroxyoctanoate), PHN , and PHPV poly(3-hydroxy-5-phenylvalerate). Extracted from 5_AlphaBeta hydrolase and farther related to Esterase_phb, Esterase_phb_PHAZ, PHAZ7_phb_depolymerase, OHBut_olig_hydro_put or PHB_depolymerase_PhaZ


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Gene_locus Name Species
pseac-q6ufw4 Pseudomonas alcaligenes phaZ extracellular medium-chain-length poly(3-hydroxyalkanoate) depolymerase gene Pseudomonas alcaligenes
pseal-PHAZ Pseudomonas alcaligenes Mcl-PHA depolymerase precursor Pseudomonas alcaligenes
psefl-phaz Pseudomonas fluorescens. Poly(3-hydroxyoctanoate) depolymerase PfPHOase Pseudomonas fluorescens
9gamm-a0a3f2v5p6 Ketobacter sp. Plasmid partitioning protein Ketobacter sp.
9gamm-a0a3n0vl68 Stagnimonas aquatica. AlphaBeta_hydrolas Stagnimonas aquatica
9gamm-a0a3n0vmh1 Stagnimonas aquatica. Polyhydroxybutyrate depolymerase Stagnimonas aquatica
9delt-a0a4u1jgs5 Polyangium fumosum. Plasmid partitioning protein Polyangium fumosum
9gamm-a0a4v1imz7 Zooshikella ganghwensis. Plasmid partitioning protein Zooshikella ganghwensis
9delt-a0a4y6pze3 Persicimonas caeni. Plasmid partitioning protein Persicimonas caeni
9gamm-a0a514bx96 Lysobacter alkalisoli. Plasmid partitioning protein Lysobacter alkalisoli
9prot-a0a514x0x3 Bdellovibrio sp. NC01. Dipeptidyl aminopeptidase Bdellovibrio sp. NC01
9delt-a0a7y5kxs1 Polyangiaceae bacterium. Prolyl oligopeptidase family serine peptidase Polyangiaceae bacterium
9gamm-a0a853i538 Endozoicomonas sp. SM1973. Plasmid partitioning protein Endozoicomonas sp. SM1973
9gamm-a0a853icm3 Endozoicomonas sp. SM1973. Prolyl oligopeptidase family serine peptidase Endozoicomonas sp. SM1973
oikdi-e4ws23 Oikopleura dioica (Tunicate). Esterase Oikopleura dioica
bdeba-q6mh49 Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus (strain ATCC 15356 \/ DSM 50701 \/ NCIMB 9529 \/ HD100). Dipeptidyl aminopeptidase\/acylaminoacyl-peptidase Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus
psea4-u3b3c3 Pseudomonas alcaligenes (strain ATCC 14909 \/ DSM 50342 \/ JCM 20561 \/ NBRC 14159 \/ NCIMB 9945 \/ NCTC 10367 \/ 1577). Plasmid partitioning protein Pseudomonas alcaligenes
psea4-u3bc36 Pseudomonas alcaligenes (strain ATCC 14909 \/ DSM 50342 \/ JCM 20561 \/ NBRC 14159 \/ NCIMB 9945 \/ NCTC 10367 \/ 1577). Polyhydroxybutyrate depolymerase Pseudomonas alcaligenes
choco-a0a0k1em26 Chondromyces crocatus. Plasmid partitioning protein Chondromyces crocatus
9delt-a0a0k1qfr6 Labilithrix luteola. Dipeptidyl aminopeptidase\/acylaminoacyl-peptidase Labilithrix luteola
9psed-a0a1g9lky8 Pseudomonas indica. Plasmid partitioning protein Pseudomonas indica
9gamm-a0a1h7f3u1 Atopomonas hussainii. Plasmid partitioning protein Atopomonas hussainii
9psed-a0a1v0b7s3 Pseudomonas phragmitis. Plasmid partitioning protein Pseudomonas phragmitis
9psed-a0a2i0cn71 Pseudomonas pharmacofabricae. Plasmid partitioning protein Pseudomonas pharmacofabricae
9gamm-a0a2s5tkm7 Solimonas fluminis. Prolyl oligopeptidase family serine peptidase Solimonas fluminis
9sphn-a0a2s8b2x1 Sphingopyxis lindanitolerans. Plasmid partitioning protein Sphingopyxis lindanitolerans
9gamm-a0a2t5mci0 Stenotrophobium rhamnosiphilum. Plasmid partitioning protein Stenotrophobium rhamnosiphilum
9gamm-a0a2u3myl7 Acinetobacter stercoris. Poly(3-hydroxyoctanoate) depolymerase Acinetobacter stercoris
9gamm-a0a318e2g9 Sinimarinibacterium flocculans. Esterase Sinimarinibacterium flocculans
9psed-a0a385z875 Pseudomonas cavernae. Plasmid partitioning protein Pseudomonas cavernae

Substrate Chemical Nomenclature Proteins
P(3HO) psefl-phaz    pseac-q6ufw4
PHBV 3-hydroxybutanoic acid\;3-hydroxypentanoic acid pseac-q6ufw4

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