Family: Insect_Phospholipase

Block: L

Parent Family: No family


Phospholipase A(1) (PLA(1)) is an enzyme that hydrolyzes phospholipids and produces 2-acyl-lysophospholipids and fatty acids and is conserved in a wide range of organisms. Included in this family are Vespid venom allergen phospholipase A1. Vespid phospholipase A1 (vPLA1) is one of the primary venom components with local inflammatory effects. In addition to causing allergic reactions, vPLA1 can hydrolyze the sn-1 fatty acids in phospholipids and convert them into their corresponding lyso compounds. vPLA1 may disrupt the phospholipid packing of biological membranes, causing severe hemolysis and leading to cardiac dysfunction and death in animals


Interpro : IPR000734 Lipase , IPR002334 Dol\/Ves 1 allergen , IPR013818 Lipase


Pdoc : PDOC00110

Pfam : PF00151 Lipase

Prints : PR00821 , PR00825

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Structure Name Proteins
4QNN Crystal Structure of phospholipase A 1 from hornet (Vespa basalis) venom vesba-pa1

Gene_locus Name Species
vesaf-PA11 Vespa affinis (Lesser banded hornet) Phospholipase A1 1, Allergen Vesp a 1, Ves a 1. Vespapase Vespa affinis
vescr-PA1 Vespa crabro (European hornet) Phospholipase A1 from venom Vespa crabro
vesba-pa1 Vespa basalis (hornet) phospholipase A 1 from venom Vespa basalis
dolma-ppla1 Dolichovespula maculata mRNA for phospholipase A1 Dolichovespula maculata
dolma-ppla12 Dolichovespula maculata venom phospholipase A1 2 Dolichovespula maculata
polan-pla1 Polistes annularis phospholipase A1 mRNA Polistes annularis
poldo-q6q252 Polistes dominulus (European paper wasp) (Vespa dominula) venom phospholipase a1 1 precursor Polistes dominulus
polpi-pa1 Polybia paulista (Neotropical social wasp) (Swarm-founding polistine wasp) Venom phospholipase A1 Polybia paulista
solin-q68kk0 Solenopsis invicta (Red imported fire ant) allergen sol I 1 precursor Solenopsis invicta
vesge-PA1 Vespula germanica (German yellow jacket) (German wasp) ves g 1 allergen (fragment) Vespula germanica
vesmc-ppla1 Vespula maculifrons venom phospholipases A1 Vespula maculifrons
vesmg-pa1 Vespa magnifica (Hornet) Probable phospholipase A1 magnifin Vespa magnifica
vesvu-pa1 Vespula vulgaris (Yellow jacket) (Wasp) phospholipase a1 precursor (EC (allergen ves v 1) Vespula vulgaris
dinqu-pa1 Dinoponera quadriceps (South American ant). Venom allergen 1 Dinoponera quadriceps
vessq-pa1 Vespula squamosa (Southern yellow jacket) (Wasp). Phospholipase A1 Vespula squamosa
vesve-pa1 Vespa velutina (Asian yellow-legged hornet). Vesp v 1 Vespa velutina
vestr-vest1 Vespa tropica (Greater banded hornet) (Sphex tropica). Phospholipase A1 VesT1.02 Vespa tropica

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Gene_locus related to this paper: vesba-pa1