Family: Lipase_bact_N_lipase

Block: X

Parent Family: No family


This family has the N-terminal region of bacterial virulence factor lipase. The N-terminal region contains a potential signalling sequence. Most proteins with this N-terminal sequence have a typical alpha/beta hydrolase following in c-term. The N-terminal region is found also in proteins without lipase or alpha/beta hydrolases. The N-term domain is used to populate the family but is excluded here. Chuang et al. on aerhy-LIP found hydrolysis of p-nitrophenyl esters (optimum C10-C12) and triacylglycerols (optimum C8- C10)



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Gene_locus Name Species
9zzzz-a0a0g3fe15 uncultured organism EH75 Uncharacterized protein uncultured organism
aerhy-LIP Aeromonas hydrophila extracellular lipase Aeromonas hydrophila
aerhy-lipe Aeromonas hydrophila extracellular lipase (lip) [H3 Genomic 2842 nt] Aeromonas hydrophila
aerhy-PLA Aeromonas hydrophila phospholipase a1 Aeromonas hydrophila
aerhy-Q44055 Aeromonas hydrophila phospholipase c Aeromonas hydrophila
sheon-SO2934 Shewanella oneidensis conserved hypothetical protein Shewanella oneidensis
vibch-VCA0863 Vibrio cholerae lipase, putative Vibrio cholerae
vibpa-VPA0859 Vibrio parahaemolyticus putative lipase Vibrio parahaemolyticus
vibvu-VV20248 Vibrio vulnificus hydrolases of the alpha\/beta superfamily Vibrio vulnificus
9bact-estC55.102 uncultured bacterium. Lipolytic protein estC55-102 uncultured bacterium

Substrate Chemical Nomenclature Proteins
Paranitrophenyl-decanoate (4-nitrophenyl) decanoate
Paranitrophenyl-laurate (4-nitrophenyl) dodecanoate copci-b9u443    thite-g2rae6    crysp-Q874E9    9gamm-urc15994
Tributyrin 2,3-di(butanoyloxy)propyl butanoate bovin-balip    rabit-1cxes    pseae-llipa    canar-LipB    human-PNLIPRP2    talth-f6lqk7    nech7-c7yuz1    cavpo-2plrp    human-CEL    human-PNLIP    canan-lipasA    rhimi-lipas    rhidl-lipas    psesp-Q9RBY1    staha-Q9RGZ6    9bact-6EB3

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