Family: TTHA1544-like

Block: X

Parent Family: No family


Minimal hydrolase fold from Thermus thermophilus (one strand less than the cutinase-like family); there is neither catalytic triad, nor nucleopilic residue in the elbow motif. The adjacent gene TTHA1545 is complementary (C-term) to this sequence but not in the same frame and not in the right order


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Structure Name Proteins
2DST Structure of the minimized alpha\/beta-hydrolase fold protein from Thermus thermophilus HB8 teth8-Q5SI36

Gene_locus Name Species
teth8-Q5SI36 Putative uncharacterized protein TTHA1544 Thermus thermophilus
thetg-f6ddv5 Thermus thermophilus (strain SG0.5JP17-16). Uncharacterized protein Thermus thermophilus
theos-k7r725 Thermus oshimai JL-2. Uncharacterized protein Thermus oshimai JL-2
theth-h9zpz9 Thermus thermophilus JL-18. Uncharacterized protein Thermus thermophilus JL-18
9dein-h7ghi0 Thermus sp. RL. Uncharacterized protein Thermus sp. RL
thess-e8pmd3 Thermus scotoductus (strain ATCC 700910 \/ SA-01). Uncharacterized protein Thermus scotoductus
9dein-w2u3y5 Thermus sp. NMX2.A1. Uncharacterized protein Thermus sp. NMX2.A1
9dein-g8n9b1 Thermus sp. CCB_US3_UF1. Uncharacterized protein Thermus sp. CCB_US3_UF1

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Gene_locus related to this paper: teth8-Q5SI36