Title : Enzyme Fusions in Biocatalysis: Coupling Reactions by Pairing Enzymes - Aalbers_2019_Chembiochem_20_20
Author(s) : Aalbers FS , Fraaije MW
Ref : Chembiochem , 20 :20 , 2019
Abstract : One approach to bringing enzymes together for multienzyme biocatalysis is genetic fusion. This enables the production of multifunctional enzymes that can be used for whole-cell biotransformations or for in vitro (cascade) reactions. In some cases and in some aspects, such as expression and conversions, the fused enzymes outperform a combination of the individual enzymes. In contrast, some enzyme fusions are greatly compromised in activity and/or expression. In this Minireview, we give an overview of studies on fusions between two or more enzymes that were used for biocatalytic applications, with a focus on oxidative enzymes. Typically, the enzymes are paired to facilitate cofactor recycling or cosubstrate supply. In addition, different linker designs are briefly discussed. Although enzyme fusion is a promising tool for some biocatalytic applications, future studies could benefit from integrating the findings of previous studies in order to improve reliability and effectiveness.
ESTHER : Aalbers_2019_Chembiochem_20_20
PubMedSearch : Aalbers_2019_Chembiochem_20_20
PubMedID: 30178909

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Aalbers FS, Fraaije MW (2019)
Enzyme Fusions in Biocatalysis: Coupling Reactions by Pairing Enzymes
Chembiochem 20 :20

Aalbers FS, Fraaije MW (2019)
Chembiochem 20 :20