Title : Parkinson disease-associated cognitive impairment - Aarsland_2021_Nat.Rev.Dis.Primers_7_47
Author(s) : Aarsland D , Batzu L , Halliday GM , Geurtsen GJ , Ballard C , Ray Chaudhuri K , Weintraub D
Ref : Nat Rev Dis Primers , 7 :47 , 2021
Abstract : Parkinson disease (PD) is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder, affecting >1% of the population <=65 years of age and with a prevalence set to double by 2030. In addition to the defining motor symptoms of PD, multiple non-motor symptoms occur; among them, cognitive impairment is common and can potentially occur at any disease stage. Cognitive decline is usually slow and insidious, but rapid in some cases. Recently, the focus has been on the early cognitive changes, where executive and visuospatial impairments are typical and can be accompanied by memory impairment, increasing the risk for early progression to dementia. Other risk factors for early progression to dementia include visual hallucinations, older age and biomarker changes such as cortical atrophy, as well as Alzheimer-type changes on functional imaging and in cerebrospinal fluid, and slowing and frequency variation on EEG. However, the mechanisms underlying cognitive decline in PD remain largely unclear. Cortical involvement of Lewy body and Alzheimer-type pathologies are key features, but multiple mechanisms are likely involved. Cholinesterase inhibition is the only high-level evidence-based treatment available, but other pharmacological and non-pharmacological strategies are being tested. Challenges include the identification of disease-modifying therapies as well as finding biomarkers to better predict cognitive decline and identify patients at high risk for early and rapid cognitive impairment.
ESTHER : Aarsland_2021_Nat.Rev.Dis.Primers_7_47
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PubMedID: 34210995

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Aarsland D, Batzu L, Halliday GM, Geurtsen GJ, Ballard C, Ray Chaudhuri K, Weintraub D (2021)
Parkinson disease-associated cognitive impairment
Nat Rev Dis Primers 7 :47

Aarsland D, Batzu L, Halliday GM, Geurtsen GJ, Ballard C, Ray Chaudhuri K, Weintraub D (2021)
Nat Rev Dis Primers 7 :47