Title : The effect of pyridostigmine pretreatment on oxime efficacy against intoxication by soman or VX in rats - Anderson_1992_Drug.Chem.Toxicol_15_285
Author(s) : Anderson DR , Harris LW , Woodard CL , Lennox WJ
Ref : Drug & Chemical Toxicology , 15 :285 , 1992
Abstract :

This study was done to assess the effects of pyridostigmine (PYR) on a) the accumulation of labelled VX and soman within the brain, b) the therapeutic efficacy of atropine and oxime (2-PAM or HI-6) against intoxication by VX and soman and c) oxime-induced reactivation of inhibited acetylcholinesterase (AChE). In all experiments, rats were given PYR (131 micrograms/kg, im; I70 dose for whole blood AChE) or vehicle 30 min prior to nerve agent. In estimating 3H-agent the accumulation in the brain or estimating blood AChE activity, sufficient soman (47 micrograms/kg, iv) or VX (21.3 micrograms/kg, iv) was given to inhibit 50% of brain AChE activity. In assessing therapeutic efficacy and oxime-induced reactivation of blood AChE, rats were pretreated with PYR, challenged with agent and treated with atropine (16 mg/kg, im) and HI-6 or 2-PAM (100 umoles/kg, im) 30 sec post agent. Whole blood was collected by tail bleeding to monitor peripheral AChE activity at various time points before and after PYR and challenge. Pyridostigmine failed to alter covalent binding of labelled VX or soman in the brain. The 24-hr survival data showed that PYR reduced the therapeutic benefit of atropine and oxime against VX intoxication (but not soman). Protective ratios in VX-challenged rats given vehicle or PYR and treated with atropine + 2-PAM decreased slightly from 2.5 to 2.1 (p > .05), whereas with atropine + HI-6 they decreased significantly from 3.8 to 2.4. Also, AChE reactivation by HI-6 in VX-challenged rats was greater (p < .05) in vehicle- than in PYR-pretreated rats. HI-6 significantly reactivated AChE activity in both pretreatment groups (PYR or vehicle) given soman. The data suggest that PYR decreases the overall recovery of inhibited AChE in VX-challenged rats given HI-6; under the conditions used, this adverse effect decreases atropine+oxime efficacy against VX-induced lethality.

PubMedSearch : Anderson_1992_Drug.Chem.Toxicol_15_285
PubMedID: 1459041

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Anderson DR, Harris LW, Woodard CL, Lennox WJ (1992)
The effect of pyridostigmine pretreatment on oxime efficacy against intoxication by soman or VX in rats
Drug & Chemical Toxicology 15 :285

Anderson DR, Harris LW, Woodard CL, Lennox WJ (1992)
Drug & Chemical Toxicology 15 :285