Title : Adolescent maturation of cocaine-sensitive neural mechanisms - Cao_2007_Neuropsychopharmacology_32_2279
Author(s) : Cao J , Lotfipour S , Loughlin SE , Leslie FM
Ref : Neuropsychopharmacology , 32 :2279 , 2007
Abstract :

Both clinical and animal studies have shown that adolescents undergo a late maturation of the central nervous system, which may underlie adolescent typical behaviors. In particular, decreased behavioral response to cocaine has been found in adolescents as compared to adults. In the present study, cocaine was used as a tool to explore adolescent brain maturation. Juvenile (postnatal day (P) 27), adolescent (P37), and adult (P90) male Sprague-Dawley rats were treated acutely with cocaine (750 microg/kg/injection x 2, i.v.), and c-fos mRNA expression, a marker of neuronal activation, was evaluated by in situ hybridization. Cocaine-induced c-fos mRNA was similar across ages in the dorsal caudate putamen (CPu), nucleus accumbens, and lateral bed nucleus of the stria terminalis. In contrast, there was a diminished response in juvenile/adolescent ventral CPu and in juvenile central nucleus of the amygdala, and an increased response in juvenile/adolescent cortex. Further studies evaluated the mechanism of the late maturation of cocaine response in ventral CPu. No significant age differences were observed in regional dopamine (DA) transporter binding. Although striatal DA content was significantly reduced at P27 as compared to adult, there was no difference between dorsal and ventral subregions. In contrast, basal- and cocaine-induced extracellular DA overflow, as measured by in vivo microdialysis, was lower in juvenile ventral CPu than in the adults. This age difference was not observed in dorsal CPu. These findings suggest that impulse activity in DA afferents to ventral CPu is immature in adolescents. In conclusion, the present study showed that cocaine-sensitive neuronal circuits continue to mature during adolescence.

PubMedSearch : Cao_2007_Neuropsychopharmacology_32_2279
PubMedID: 17299504

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Cao J, Lotfipour S, Loughlin SE, Leslie FM (2007)
Adolescent maturation of cocaine-sensitive neural mechanisms
Neuropsychopharmacology 32 :2279

Cao J, Lotfipour S, Loughlin SE, Leslie FM (2007)
Neuropsychopharmacology 32 :2279