Title : Unscrambling butterfly oogenesis - Carter_2013_BMC.Genomics_14_283
Author(s) : Carter JM , Baker SC , Pink R , Carter DR , Collins A , Tomlin J , Gibbs M , Breuker CJ
Ref : BMC Genomics , 14 :283 , 2013
Abstract :

BACKGROUND: Butterflies are popular model organisms to study physiological mechanisms underlying variability in oogenesis and egg provisioning in response to environmental conditions. Nothing is known, however, about; the developmental mechanisms governing butterfly oogenesis, how polarity in the oocyte is established, or which particular maternal effect genes regulate early embryogenesis. To gain insights into these developmental mechanisms and to identify the conserved and divergent aspects of butterfly oogenesis, we analysed a de novo ovarian transcriptome of the Speckled Wood butterfly Pararge aegeria (L.), and compared the results with known model organisms such as Drosophila melanogaster and Bombyx mori.
RESULTS: A total of 17306 contigs were annotated, with 30% possibly novel or highly divergent sequences observed. Pararge aegeria females expressed 74.5% of the genes that are known to be essential for D. melanogaster oogenesis. We discuss the genes involved in all aspects of oogenesis, including vitellogenesis and choriogenesis, plus those implicated in hormonal control of oogenesis and transgenerational hormonal effects in great detail. Compared to other insects, a number of significant differences were observed in; the genes involved in stem cell maintenance and differentiation in the germarium, establishment of oocyte polarity, and in several aspects of maternal regulation of zygotic development.
CONCLUSIONS: This study provides valuable resources to investigate a number of divergent aspects of butterfly oogenesis requiring further research. In order to fully unscramble butterfly oogenesis, we also now also have the resources to investigate expression patterns of oogenesis genes under a range of environmental conditions, and to establish their function.

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PubMedID: 23622113
Gene_locus related to this paper: 9neop-s4p5p9 , 9neop-s4pyg7 , 9neop-s4pa26

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Carter JM, Baker SC, Pink R, Carter DR, Collins A, Tomlin J, Gibbs M, Breuker CJ (2013)
Unscrambling butterfly oogenesis
BMC Genomics 14 :283

Carter JM, Baker SC, Pink R, Carter DR, Collins A, Tomlin J, Gibbs M, Breuker CJ (2013)
BMC Genomics 14 :283