Title : The role of triglyceride lipases in cancer associated cachexia - Das_2013_Trends.Mol.Med_19_292
Author(s) : Das SK , Hoefler G
Ref : Trends Mol Med , 19 :292 , 2013
Abstract :

Cancer associated cachexia (CAC) is a complex multiorgan syndrome frequently associated with various forms of cancer. Affected patients suffer from a dramatic loss of skeletal muscle and adipose tissue. Most cases are accompanied by anorexia, and nutritional supplements are not sufficient to stop or reverse its course. CAC impairs many forms of therapeutic interventions and accounts for 15-20% of all deaths of cancer patients. Recently, several studies have recognized the importance of lipid metabolism and triglyceride hydrolysis as a major metabolic pathway involved in the initiation and/or progression of CAC. In this review, we explore the contributions of the triglyceride lipases to CAC and discuss various factors modulating lipase activity.

PubMedSearch : Das_2013_Trends.Mol.Med_19_292
PubMedID: 23499576

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Das SK, Hoefler G (2013)
The role of triglyceride lipases in cancer associated cachexia
Trends Mol Med 19 :292

Das SK, Hoefler G (2013)
Trends Mol Med 19 :292