Title : Multitarget therapeutic strategies for Alzheimer's disease - Ibrahim_2019_Neural.Regen.Res_14_437
Author(s) : Ibrahim MM , Gabr MT
Ref : Neural Regen Res , 14 :437 , 2019
Abstract :

Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Huntington's and Parkinson's diseases have multifaceted nature because of the different factors contributing to their progression. The complex nature of neurodegenerative diseases has developed a pressing need to design multitarget-directed ligands to address the complementary pathways involved in these diseases. The major enzyme targets for development of therapeutics for Alzheimer's disease are cholinesterase and beta-secretase enzymes. In this review, we discuss recent advances in profiling single target inhibitors based on these enzymes to multitarget-directed ligands as potential therapeutics for this devastating disease. In addition, therapeutics based on iron chelation strategy are discussed as well.

PubMedSearch : Ibrahim_2019_Neural.Regen.Res_14_437
PubMedID: 30539809

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Ibrahim MM, Gabr MT (2019)
Multitarget therapeutic strategies for Alzheimer's disease
Neural Regen Res 14 :437

Ibrahim MM, Gabr MT (2019)
Neural Regen Res 14 :437