Title : [Vascular endothelial growth factor] - Kaiser_2011_Cesk.Fysiol_60_48
Author(s) : Kaiser R , Dubovy P , Haninec P
Ref : Cesk Fysiol , 60 :48 , 2011
Abstract :

VEGF, vascular endothelial growth factor, is a substance firstly described in 1983 as a tumor-secreted protein which causes the development of ascitic fluid in case of abdominal tumors. Its influence on angiogenesis was ascertained by many studies. The strongest stimulus for its production is hypoxia, which leads to higher secretion of VEGF and new angiogenesis of so affected tissue. The neurogenic effect was firstly mentioned in 1999. Its protective and proliferative influence both on CNS and peripheral nerves is now widely accepted. It was demonstrated that VEGF has more wide ranging effect than previously thought.

PubMedSearch : Kaiser_2011_Cesk.Fysiol_60_48
PubMedID: 22263325

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Kaiser R, Dubovy P, Haninec P (2011)
[Vascular endothelial growth factor]
Cesk Fysiol 60 :48

Kaiser R, Dubovy P, Haninec P (2011)
Cesk Fysiol 60 :48