Title : [Investigative application of a laboratory database] - Kanno_2000_Rinsho.Byori__21
Author(s) : Kanno T
Ref : Rinsho Byori , :21 , 2000
Abstract :

An end user computing system (EUC) is usually part of the laboratory information system. Effective use of this EUC system is described in this article. The first application of this system is for monitoring the turn-around time (TAT) of laboratory work flow. Precise time sequential data were analyzed using this end user computing system. Weekly fluctuations of TAT depended on the cyclic changes in requisition numbers of test samples. Another application of EUC was phenotype screening of genetic abnormalities. Screenings from high triglyceride and low HDL cholesterol were effective for the phenotype screening for genetic lipoprotein lipase abnormalities, and phenotype screening from high albumin cholinesterase ratio was effective for genetic abnormalities causing silent cholinesterase. Investigational application of EUC was demonstrated in two areas of laboratory research.

PubMedSearch : Kanno_2000_Rinsho.Byori__21
PubMedID: 11215171

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Kanno T (2000)
[Investigative application of a laboratory database]
Rinsho Byori :21

Kanno T (2000)
Rinsho Byori :21