Title : Resistance to fenitrothion in Danish houseflies, Musca domestica - Keiding_1976_J.Hyg.Epidemiol.Microbiol.Immunol_21_171
Author(s) : Keiding J
Ref : J Hyg Epidemiol Microbiol Immunol , 21 :171 , 1976
Abstract : Resistance to fenitrothion was investigated in housefly populations in Danish farms 1964--72 in connection with trials of fenitrothion, dimethoate and other organophosphorus compounds for fly control. Resistance was tested by topical application and expressed as resistance ratios, R/S, relative to normal susceptible strains. In 1964--70 fly populations on farms sprayed with fenitrothion (one year each) only developed mode-rate fenitrothion-resistance, R/S at LD 95 below 21 and fly control was generally satisfactory. However, in 1972 high fenitrothion-resistance, R/S 100--400 at LD 95, was found in several fly populations, both on farms treated with fenitrothion and on farms treated with dimethoate, fenitrothion, or bromophos. In all cases the high fenitrothion-resistance was associated with high resistance to dimethoate. Some characteristics of this, apparently complex, resistance are discussed including the effect of certain synergists. Resistance to fenitrothion in Danish flies is only partly reduced by pretreatment with high dosages of sesamex, which inhibits microsomal detoxication, and very little by TBTP (S, S, S tributyl phosphorotrithioate), which inhibits other types of break-down of organophosphorus compounds, e.g. by ali-esterases. The occurrence of fenitrothion- resistance in field populations of houseflied in other regions is briefly reviewed. Widespread, partly very high, resistance has recently been reported from Japan.
ESTHER : Keiding_1976_J.Hyg.Epidemiol.Microbiol.Immunol_21_171
PubMedSearch : Keiding_1976_J.Hyg.Epidemiol.Microbiol.Immunol_21_171
PubMedID: 987109

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Keiding J (1976)
Resistance to fenitrothion in Danish houseflies, Musca domestica
J Hyg Epidemiol Microbiol Immunol 21 :171

Keiding J (1976)
J Hyg Epidemiol Microbiol Immunol 21 :171