Title : Lipoprotein lipase and atherosclerosis - Kobayashi_2015_Ann.Clin.Biochem_52_632
Author(s) : Kobayashi J , Mabuchi H
Ref : Annals of Clinical Biochemistry , 52 :632 , 2015
Abstract :

Lipoprotein lipase has long been known to hydrolyse triglycerides from triglycerides-rich lipoproteins. More recently, it has been shown to promote the binding of lipoproteins to various lipoprotein receptors. Evidence is also presented regarding the possible atherogenic role of lipoprotein lipase. In theory, lipoprotein lipase deficiency should help to clarify this question. However, the rarity of this condition means that it has not been possible to conduct epidemiological studies. An alternative approach is to investigate the correlation of lipoprotein lipase with onset of cardiovascular disease in prospective studies in large population-based cohorts. Complementary with this approach, animal models have been used to explore the atherogenicity of lipoprotein lipase expressed by macrophages.

PubMedSearch : Kobayashi_2015_Ann.Clin.Biochem_52_632
PubMedID: 25995285

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Kobayashi J, Mabuchi H (2015)
Lipoprotein lipase and atherosclerosis
Annals of Clinical Biochemistry 52 :632

Kobayashi J, Mabuchi H (2015)
Annals of Clinical Biochemistry 52 :632