Title : High-throughput screening method for lipases\/esterases - Mateos-Diaz_2012_Methods.Mol.Biol_861_89
Author(s) : Mateos-Diaz E , Rodriguez JA , de Los Angeles Camacho-Ruiz M , Mateos-Diaz JC
Ref : Methods Mol Biol , 861 :89 , 2012
Abstract :

High-throughput screening (HTS) methods for lipases and esterases are generally performed by using synthetic chromogenic substrates (e.g., p-nitrophenyl, resorufin, and umbelliferyl esters) which may be misleading since they are not their natural substrates (e.g., partially or insoluble triglycerides). In previous works, we have shown that soluble nonchromogenic substrates and p-nitrophenol (as a pH indicator) can be used to quantify the hydrolysis and estimate the substrate selectivity of lipases and esterases from several sources. However, in order to implement a spectrophotometric HTS method using partially or insoluble triglycerides, it is necessary to find particular conditions which allow a quantitative detection of the enzymatic activity. In this work, we used Triton X-100, CHAPS, and N-lauroyl sarcosine as emulsifiers, beta-cyclodextrin as a fatty acid captor, and two substrate concentrations, 1 mM of tributyrin (TC4) and 5 mM of trioctanoin (TC8), to improve the test conditions. To demonstrate the utility of this method, we screened 12 enzymes (commercial preparations and culture broth extracts) for the hydrolysis of TC4 and TC8, which are both classical substrates for lipases and esterases (for esterases, only TC4 may be hydrolyzed). Subsequent pH-stat experiments were performed to confirm the preference of substrate hydrolysis with the hydrolases tested. We have shown that this method is very useful for screening a high number of lipases (hydrolysis of TC4 and TC8) or esterases (only hydrolysis of TC4) from wild isolates or variants generated by directed evolution using nonchromogenic triglycerides directly in the test.

PubMedSearch : Mateos-Diaz_2012_Methods.Mol.Biol_861_89
PubMedID: 22426713

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Mateos-Diaz E, Rodriguez JA, de Los Angeles Camacho-Ruiz M, Mateos-Diaz JC (2012)
High-throughput screening method for lipases\/esterases
Methods Mol Biol 861 :89

Mateos-Diaz E, Rodriguez JA, de Los Angeles Camacho-Ruiz M, Mateos-Diaz JC (2012)
Methods Mol Biol 861 :89