Title : The immunotoxicity of pesticides in rodents - Rodgers_1995_Human.Exp.Toxicol_14_111
Author(s) : Rodgers K
Ref : Hum Exp Toxicol , 14 :111 , 1995
Abstract : Many pesticides that are widely used and have great potential for occupational and public exposure have received only a cursory examination with regards to their immunotoxic potential. Many of the studies that are available were done during the early period of immunotoxicology and many reports do not state whether or not any other toxic signs were observed and the dose-response relationships were not generally examined. Most studies were done in multiple species, through various routes of administration and using a variety of assays of immune function and do not allow a comparison. For the compounds extensively studied, the site of action has been determined at the cellular and perhaps the biochemical level, but the molecular site of action has not been determined. The approach to evaluate the mechanism of action will vary from compound to compound.
ESTHER : Rodgers_1995_Human.Exp.Toxicol_14_111
PubMedSearch : Rodgers_1995_Human.Exp.Toxicol_14_111
PubMedID: 7538314

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Rodgers K (1995)
The immunotoxicity of pesticides in rodents
Hum Exp Toxicol 14 :111

Rodgers K (1995)
Hum Exp Toxicol 14 :111