Title : Molecular basis of the thyroglobulin synthesis defect in Dutch goats - Veenboer_1993_Endocrinology_132_377
Author(s) : Veenboer GJ , de Vijlder JJ
Ref : Endocrinology , 132 :377 , 1993
Abstract :

A thyroglobulin (Tg) synthesis defect in Dutch goats causes congenital goiter and hypothyroidism. The disease is inherited in an autosomal recessive way and is linked to restriction fragment length polymorphisms (RFLPs) in the Tg gene. Previous studies showed that Tg mRNA isolated from the goiters was of normal size (8.4 kilobases). Translation of high mol wt polysomal Tg mRNA isolated from goiter in a cell-free rabbit reticulocyte lysate resulted in a single 35,000 mol wt Tg polypeptide. Tg antigens analyzed in T4-arrested goiters were glycosylated and had mol wt of 40,000 and 32,000. The aim of this study was to identify the molecular lesion responsible for this disease. Polysomal Tg mRNA, therefore, was isolated, and cDNA was made using oligonucleotides as primers. This cDNA was multiplied by the polymerase chain reaction and cloned. In comparing the normal and abnormal sequences, we found a C-->G point mutation in exon 8 causing a change from TAC (Tyr)-->TAG (termination signal) at amino acid position 296. This mutation resulted in the appearance of a KpnI restriction site in the goiter DNA. The sequence of Tg mRNA preceding the stop codon was equal for normal and goitrous goats, except for one C-->T mutation in exon 5 which gave a Ser-->Leu transition. The KpnI site introduced by the C-->G point mutation was present in chromosomal DNA of the goitrous goats, making it possible to distinguish goats heterozygous for the defect from normal and goitrous animals. We calculated that the stop codon in exon 8 would result in a Tg polypeptide chain with a mol wt of 39,000, in good agreement with the mol wt of the in vitro and in vivo translation products. In conclusion, the C-->G mutation causing a stop codon in exon 8 is responsible for the Tg synthesis defect in Dutch goats.

PubMedSearch : Veenboer_1993_Endocrinology_132_377
PubMedID: 8380383

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Veenboer GJ, de Vijlder JJ (1993)
Molecular basis of the thyroglobulin synthesis defect in Dutch goats
Endocrinology 132 :377

Veenboer GJ, de Vijlder JJ (1993)
Endocrinology 132 :377