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Title : Rivastigmine in vascular dementia - Vincent_2003_Int.Psychogeriatr_15 Suppl 1_201
Author(s) : Vincent S , Lane R
Ref : Int Psychogeriatr , 15 Suppl 1 :201 , 2003
Abstract :

Vascular dementia (VaD), like Alzheimer's disease (AD), is associated with cholinergic deficits. Rivastigmine provides sustained, brain-selective inhibition of acetylcholinesterase and butyrylcholinesterase. Preliminary data suggest that rivastigmine may provide significant benefits in patients with AD and cerebrovascular disease (mixed dementia), and in patients with VaD. Open-label rivastigmine treatment has been associated with improved cognitive and functional abilities, behavioral symptoms, and reduced caregiver stress in a small pilot study in these patients. Larger, prospective, double-blind studies of rivastigmine in patients with VaD are under way. These studies will confirm whether rivastigmine is an efficacious treatment option for a range of patients for whom, until now, there have been few symptomatic therapies.

PubMedSearch : Vincent_2003_Int.Psychogeriatr_15 Suppl 1_201
PubMedID: 16191241

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Vincent S, Lane R (2003)
Rivastigmine in vascular dementia
Int Psychogeriatr 15 Suppl 1 :201

Vincent S, Lane R (2003)
Int Psychogeriatr 15 Suppl 1 :201