Title : Pharmacogenetics: from description to prediction - Weber_2008_Clin.Lab.Med_28_499
Author(s) : Weber WW
Ref : Clin Lab Med , 28 :499 , 2008
Abstract :

Many of the complexities of human drug response are sufficiently well understood to transform the field of pharmacogenetics from a descriptive science to a predictive science. Clinical application of these markers is currently limited by lack of knowledge about the effects of modifying genes, about their prevalence and risk contribution in different ethnogeographic populations, and by fragmentary information about how genetic factors interact with physiologic or pathologic and other environmental factors. Nevertheless, progress has been notable, as exemplified in the identification of genetic markers predictive of pharmacokinetic variation, and in markers predictive of outcome and therapeutic benefit in the treatment of cancer.

PubMedSearch : Weber_2008_Clin.Lab.Med_28_499
PubMedID: 19059058

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Weber WW (2008)
Pharmacogenetics: from description to prediction
Clin Lab Med 28 :499

Weber WW (2008)
Clin Lab Med 28 :499