Title : Victor P. Whittaker (1919-2016) - Zimmermann_2016_J.Neurochem_139_333
Author(s) : Zimmermann H , Fonnum F
Ref : Journal of Neurochemistry , 139 :333 , 2016
Abstract :

This Obituary honors Victor P. Whittaker, one of the pioneers in the field of neurochemistry. Victor Whittaker died on 5th July 2016 aged 97 in Cambridge (UK) after a short illness. Victor is best known for his landmark advances in the subcellular fractionation of brain tissue which led to the isolation of synaptosomes and subsequently synaptic vesicles at the beginning of the 1960s and for the cellular and molecular analysis of the cholinergic synapse.

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PubMedID: 27538027

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Zimmermann H, Fonnum F (2016)
Victor P. Whittaker (1919-2016)
Journal of Neurochemistry 139 :333

Zimmermann H, Fonnum F (2016)
Journal of Neurochemistry 139 :333