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Title : Cognition-enhancing drugs in dementia: a guide to the near future - van Reekum_1997_Can.J.Psychiatry_42_35S
Author(s) : van Reekum R , Black SE , Conn D , Clarke D
Ref : Can J Psychiatry , 42 :35S , 1997
Abstract :

OBJECTIVES To facilitate access to the available literature and to assist clinicians with the decision to recommend the use of medications for the enhancement of cognition in dementia. METHOD: A qualitative review of published research. Methodological issues confronting research in this area are described. An organizational scheme for the medication types, based on pathophysiologic processes relevant to Alzheimer's disease (AD), is reviewed. The paper makes extensive use of tablets to present the minimal data necessary for the reader to appraise critically all of the original publications found. The paper further presents in summary form the opinions of previous reviews on each of the medications. RESULTS: We identified 45 medications in the published research in which humans with dementia were assessed as having a change in cognition. Immediate use of tacrine is supported by the evidence, but the degree of benefit is modest, and side effects are problematic. CONCLUSION: A number of medications warrant further investigation. Tacrine can be offered to patients with careful education regarding the limited efficacy and potential side effects. Newer, perhaps safer, anticholinesterase inhibitors are now becoming available. Referral to a research study examining other medications is suggested, as are some "common sense" strategies.

PubMedSearch : van Reekum_1997_Can.J.Psychiatry_42_35S
PubMedID: 9220128

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van Reekum R, Black SE, Conn D, Clarke D (1997)
Cognition-enhancing drugs in dementia: a guide to the near future
Can J Psychiatry 42 :35S

van Reekum R, Black SE, Conn D, Clarke D (1997)
Can J Psychiatry 42 :35S