Picea glauca

1 Alpha/beta hydrolase fold proteins and 0 fragments are known to date in Homo sapiens

Taxonomy of Picea glauca

NCBI Tax ID at NCBI: 3330, NCBI Tax ID in ESTHER for more genes: 3330,

cellular organisms, Eukaryota, Viridiplantae, Streptophyta, Streptophytina, Embryophyta, Tracheophyta, Euphyllophyta, Spermatophyta, Acrogymnospermae, Pinidae, Pinales, Pinaceae, Picea, Picea glauca

Gene_locus Family Description
picgl-emb8 abh_upf0017 Picea glauca (White spruce) Picea sitchensis (Sitka spruce) (Pinus sitchensis) late embryogenesis abundant protein emb8
Gene_Locus fragment Family Description
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