Name : mutant A. Fulgidus lipase S136A complexed with fatty acid fragment

Revelation date : 16-Jun-2009

Family : 6_AlphaBeta_hydrolase

Gene_locus : arcfu-AF1763

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Chen, C.K.-M., Ko, T.P., Guo, R.T., Wang, A.H.-J.

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Title : Structure of the alkalohyperthermophilic Archaeoglobus fulgidus lipase contains a unique C-terminal domain essential for long-chain substrate binding - Chen_2009_J.Mol.Biol_390_672
Author(s) : Chen CK , Lee GC , Ko TP , Guo RT , Huang LM , Liu HJ , Ho YF , Shaw JF , Wang AH
Ref : Journal of Molecular Biology , 390 :672 , 2009
PubMedID: 19447113
Gene_locus related to this paper: arcfu-AF1763

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