Name : Crystal structure of glucuronoyl esterase S213A mutant from Sporotrichum thermophile in complex with methyl 4-O-methyl-beta-D-glucopyranuronate determined at 2.35 A resolution

Revelation date : 02-Jan-2013

Family : Glucuronoyl_esterase

Gene_locus : thiha-cip2

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Charavgi, M.D., Dimarogona, M., Topakas, E., Christakopoulos, P., Chrysina, E.D.

Ligand : substrate Methyl-4-O-methyl-beta-D-glucopyranuronate Ligand in structure: Ligplot

References (2)

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Gene_locus related to this paper: thiha-cip2

Title : Purification, characterization and mass spectrometric sequencing of a thermophilic glucuronoyl esterase from Sporotrichum thermophile. - Vafiadi_2009_FEMS.Microbiol.Lett_296_178
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Gene_locus related to this paper: chagb-Q2GMN0 , thiha-cip2

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