Name : An esterase from anaerobic Clostridium hathewayi Clath_Est1 can hydrolyze aliphatic aromatic polyesters

Revelation date : 24-Feb-2016

Family : Carb_B_Bacteria

Gene_locus : 9clot-r5t6k9

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Hromic, A., Pavkov Keller, T., Steinkellner, G., Gruber, K., Perz, V., Baumschlager, A., Bleymaier, K., Zitzenbacher, S., Zankel, A., Mayrhofer, C., Sinkel, C., Kueper, U., Schlegel, K.A., Ribitsch, D., Guebitz, G.M.

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Title : An Esterase from Anaerobic Clostridium hathewayi Can Hydrolyze Aliphatic-Aromatic Polyesters - Perz_2016_Environ.Sci.Technol_50_2899
Author(s) : Perz V , Hromic A , Baumschlager A , Steinkellner G , Pavkov-Keller T , Gruber K , Bleymaier K , Zitzenbacher S , Zankel A , Mayrhofer C , Sinkel C , Kueper U , Schlegel K , Ribitsch D , Guebitz GM
Ref : Environ Sci Technol , 50 :2899 , 2016
Abstract : Perz_2016_Environ.Sci.Technol_50_2899
ESTHER : Perz_2016_Environ.Sci.Technol_50_2899
PubMedSearch : Perz_2016_Environ.Sci.Technol_50_2899
PubMedID: 26878094
Gene_locus related to this paper: 9clot-r5t6k9

Representative scheme of Prolylcarboxypeptidase structure and an image from PDBsum server