Name : Acetylcholinesterase (E.C. from Torpedo californica in complex with the bis-pyridinium oxime Ortho-7

Revelation date : 09-Sep-2015

Family : ACHE

Gene_locus : torca-ACHE

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Legler, P.M., Millard, C.B.

Ligand :

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Title : A conformational change in the peripheral anionic site of Torpedo californica acetylcholinesterase induced by a bis-imidazolium oxime - Legler_2015_Acta.Crystallogr.D.Biol.Crystallogr_71_1788
Author(s) : Legler PM , Soojhawon I , Millard CB
Ref : Acta Crystallographica D Biol Crystallogr , 71 :1788 , 2015
PubMedID: 26327369
Gene_locus related to this paper: torca-ACHE

Representative scheme of Prolylcarboxypeptidase structure and an image from PDBsum server


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