Name : Crystal structure of C173S mutation in the PGML2 esterase from permafrost metagenomic library

Revelation date : 08-Jul-2020

Family : GTSAGmotif

Gene_locus : 9bact-a0a142j6i6

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Goryaynova, D.A., Boyko, K.M., Nikolaeva, A.Y., Korzhenevskiy, D.A., Kryukova, M.V., Petrovskaya, L.E., Novototskaya-Vlasova, K.A., Rivkina, E.M., Dolgikh, D.A., Kirpichnikov, M.P., Popov, V.O.

Ligand : Ligand in structure: Ligplot

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Title : Three-Dimensional Structure of Single-Point Mutant of Esterase PMGL2 - Goryainova_2021_Crystallogr.Rep_66_811
Author(s) : Goryainova DA , Nikolaeva AYu , Kryukova MV , Petrovskaya LE , Korzhenevsky DA , Kryukova EA , Dolgikh DA , Boyko KM
Ref : Crystallogr Rep , 66 :811 , 2021
Abstract :
PubMedSearch : Goryainova_2021_Crystallogr.Rep_66_811
Gene_locus related to this paper: 9bact-a0a142j6i6

Representative scheme of Prolylcarboxypeptidase structure and an image from PDBsum server


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