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Year Report for: 1943

Emmens_1943_J.Physiol_101_460Oestrogens and acetylcholine
Feldberg_1943_J.Physiol_101_432Synthesis of acetylcholine in sympathetic ganglia and cholinergic nerves
Fulton_1943_Science_97_569Acetylcholine and the Physiology of the Nervous System
Hottinger_1943_Helv.Chim.Acta_26_142Specificity of cholinesterase inhibition by tri-o-cresyl phosphate
Levi-montalcini_1943_Arch.Biol.(Liege)_54_189Recherches quantitatives sur la marche du processus de differenciation des neurones dans les ganglions spinaux de l'embryon de poulet
Mendel_1943_Biochem.J_37_473Studies on cholinesterase: 3. Specific tests for true cholinesterase and pseudo-cholinesterase
Mendel_1943_Biochem.J_37_59Studies on cholinesterase: 1. Cholinesterase and pseudo-cholinesterase
Mendel_1943_Biochem.J_37_64Studies on cholinesterase: 2. A method for the purification of a pseudo-cholinesterase from dog pancreas
Mendel_1943_J.Neurophysiol_6_431Removal of acetylcholine by cholinesterase injections and the effect thereof on nerve impulse transmission
Mendel_1943_Science_98_201On the Type of Cholinesterase Present in Brain Tissue
Nachmansohn_1943_J.Neurophysiol_6_397The formation of acetylcholine: a new enzyme: choline acetylase
Patton_1943_Science_98_184The demonstration of the protozoan parasite of quail malaria by fluorescence microscopy
Sawyer_1943_J.Exptl.Zool_92_1Cholinesterase and the behavior problem in Amblystoma. I. The relationship between the development of the enzyme and early motility. II. The effects of inhibiting cholinesterase
Sawyer_1943_J.Exptl.Zool_94_1Cholinesterase a nd the behavior problem in Amblystoma. III. The distribution of cholinesterase in nerve and muscle throughout development. IV. Cholinesterase in nerve.less muscle
Schutz_1943_J.Physiol_102_259An effect of barbiturates on serum cholinesterase
Schutz_1943_J.Physiol_102_269The effect of barbiturates on the cholinesterase in different tissues
Stoner_1943_J.Physiol_102_1The effect of muscular exercise on the serum cholinesterase level in normal adults and in patients with myasthenia gravis
Strauss_1943_J.Gen.Physiol_26_559Zone behavior of enzymes. Illustrated by the et'fect of dissociation constant and dilution on the system cholinesterase-physostigmine
Wright_1943_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Therap_78_375The inactivation of cholinesterase by morphine, dilaudid, codeine and desomorphine
Zeller_1943_Helv.Chim.Acta_26_1619Uber die Cholin-esterase des Gehirns und der Erythrocyten

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