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Year Report for: 1955

Altamirano_1955_Biochim.Biophys.Acta_16_268Electrical activity in electric tissue. I. The difference between tertiary and quaternary nitrogen compounds in relation to their chemical and electrical activities
Altamirano_1955_Biochim.Biophys.Acta_16_449Electrical activity in electric tissue. III. Modifications of electrical activity by acetylcholine and related compounds
Augustinsson_1955_Acta.Chem.Scand_9_383Enzymatic hydrolyses of organophosphorus compounds. VI. Effects of metallic ions on the phosphorylphosphatases of human serum and swine kidney
Augustinsson_1955_Acta.Physiol.Scand_35_40The normal variation of human blood cholinesterase activity
Augustinsson_1955_Pubbl.Staz.Zool.Napoli_27_189The electric organs and their cholinesterase activity
Augustinsson_1955_Scand.J.Clin.Lab.Invest_7_284A titrimetric method for the determination of plasma and red blood cell cholinesterase activity using the thiocholine esters as substrates
Bagdon_1955_Arch.Int.Pharmacodyn.Ther_103_192Pharmacologic effects of chlorthion, malathion and tetrapropyl dithionopyrophosphate in mammals
Barthel_1955_J.Am.Chem.Soc_77_2424Insecticidal phosphates obtained by a new rearrangement reaction
Bell_1955_J.Am.Vet.Med.Assoc_126_302Toxicity of malathon and chlorthion to dogs and cats
Bergmann_1955_Biochim.Biophys.Acta_16_513The characterization of tissue cholinesterases
Berry_1955_Biochem.J_59_1The in vitro protection of cholinesterases against some organophosphorus inhibitors
Berry_1955_Biochem.J_59_xxThe estimation of carbohydrate in skin by the method of Kemp and Van Heijningen
Boell_1955_J.Exp.Zool_129_415Development of cholinesterase in the optic lobes of the frog (Rana pipiens)
Bovet_1955_Int.Arch.Allergy.Appl.Immunol_7_295Pharmacology of the cerebral vasomotor control
Bruce_1955_J.Agric.Food.Chem_3_1017Toxicity of O,O-diethyl O-(2-isopropyl-6-methyl-4-pyrimidyl) phosphorothioate (Diazinon)
Casida_1955_Biochem.J_60_487Comparative enzymology of certain insect acetylesterases in relation to poisoning by organophosphorus insecticides
Casida_1955_J.Physiol_127_20Comparative enzymology of certain insect acetylesterases in relation to poisoning by organophosphate insecticides
Casida_1955_Science_122_597Isomeric substituted vinyl phosphates as systemic insecticides
Cavanagh_1955_Q.J.Exp.Physiol.Cogn.Med.Sci_40_12On the changes in ali-esterase and pseudocholinesterase activity of chicken sciatic nerve during Wallerian degeneration and their correlation with cellular proliferation
Chang_1955_J.Formos.Med.Assoc_54_103Cholinesterase and anticholinesterase activities in snake venoms
Cheymol_1955_C.R.Hebd.Seances.Acad.Sci_241_530[Antagonistic action of thiamine towards the muscle paralyzing effects of acetylcholinomimetic curare simulants]
Childs_1955_Br.J.Pharmacol.Chemother_10_462The reactivation by oximes and hydroxamic acids of cholinesterase inhibited by organophosphorus compounds
Childs_1955_Br.J.Pharmacol_10_462The reactivation by oximes and hydroxamic acids of cholinesterases inhibited by organophosphorus compounds
Cohen_1955_Biochim.Biophys.Acta_18_228The turnover number of aliesterase, pseudo- and true cholinesterase and the combination of these enzymes with diisopropylfluorophosphonate
Cohen_1955_Discuss.Faraday.Soc_20_114The chemical structure of the reactive group of esterases
Coombs_1955_J.Physiol_130_291The electrical properties of the motoneurone membrane
Coombs_1955_J.Physiol_130_326The specific ionic conductances and the ionic movements across the motoneuronal membrane that produce the inhibitory post-synaptic potential
Coombs_1955_J.Physiol_130_374Excitatory synaptic action in motoneurones
Coombs_1955_J.Physiol_130_396The inhibitory suppression of reflex discharges from motoneurones
Dainty_1955_J.Physiol_128_489The rate of exchange of 24Na in cat nerves
Dale_1955_Proc.Staff.Meet.Mayo.Clin_30_5Junctional transmission of nervous effects by chemical agents
Davison_1955_Biochem.J_60_339Retum of cholinesterase activity in the rat after inhibition by organophosphorus compounds. II. A comparative study of true and pseudo cholinesterase
De Robertis_1955_J.Biophys.Biochem.Cytol_1_47Some features of the submicroscopic morphology of synapses in frog and earthworm
Del Castillo_1955_J.Physiol_128_157On the localization of acetylcholine receptors
Del Castillo_1955_J.Physiol_128_396Local activity at a depolarized nerve-muscle junction
Di Stefano_1955_Arch.Fisiol_54_268[Action of Nu-1250 on the arterial pressure of the dog]
Dirnhuber_1955_Br.J.Pharmacol.Chemother_10_12The effect of anticholinesterase agents on the rat's blood pressure
Eccles_1955_J.Physiol_129_40The action of drugs on central cholinergic synapses
Fenton_1955_J.Pathol.Bacteriol_69_182The nature of the paralysie in chickens following organophosphorus poisoning
Fleisher_1955_AMA.Arch.Ind.Health_11_332Determination of red blood cell cholinesterase activity in whole blood; an application of the colorimetric method to the blood of the rabbit, rat, pig, dog, goat and monkey
Freeman_1955_N.Engl.J.Med_253_266Therapeutic factors in survival after lethal cholinesterase inhibition by phosphorus insecticides
Ghosh_1955_Chem.Ind.(London)_118_A new group of organophosphate pesticides
Gyermek_1955_Acta.Physiol.Acad.Sci.Hung_8_43Cholinergie blocking substances. VII. Correlation between anticholinergic and cholinesterase blocking effects
Hackley_1955_J.Am.Chem.Soc_77_3651Acceleration of the hydrolyses of organic fluorophosphates and fluorophosphonates with hydroxamic acids
Hebb_1955_Nature_175_597Pseudocholinesterase in pacinian corpuscles
Hobbiger_1955_Br.J.Pharmacol.Chemother_10_356Effect of nicotinhydroxamic acid methiodide on human plasma cholinesterase inhibited by organophosphates containing a dialkylphosphato group
Hobbiger_1955_Br.J.Pharmacol_10_356Effect of nicotinehydroxamic acid methiodide on human plasma cholinesterase inhibited by organophosphates containing a dialkylphosphate group
Hoppe_1955_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Therap_115_106The effects of structural variation in the quaternary nitrogen centers of benzoquinonium chloride upon neuromuscular blocking activity
Hoskin_1955_Can.J.Biochem.Physiol_33_963Stereospecificity in the enzymatic hydrolyses of tabun and acetyl-methylcholine chloride
Hoskin_1955_Can.J.Biochem_34_75Stereospecificity in the enzymatic hydrolyses of tabun and acetyl-beta-methylcholine chloride
Hughes_1955_Br.J.Pharmacol_10_36The isolated heart of Mya arenaria as a sensitive preparation for theassay of acetylcholinesterase
Jacob_1955_Arch.Int.Pharmacodyn.Ther_101_44Proprietes anti-acetylcholinesterasiques specifiques du diiodomethylate de la bis (piperidinomethylcoumaronyl-5) cetone, (3318 CT) 1. Relations entre la structure chimique et le pouvoir anti-acetylcholinesterasique pouvoirs inhibiteurs, in vitro et in vivo
Jandorf_1955_Discuss.Faraday.Soc_20_134The mechanism of reaction between esterases and phosphorus-containing anti-esterases
Jansz_1955_Rec.Trav.Chim.Pays-Bas_20_134The active site of esterases
Kalow_1955_Can.J.Biochem.Physiol_33_568A comparison of optical and manometric methods for the assay of human serum cholinesterase
Karczmar_1955_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Therap_113_30Antagonism of d-tubocurarine and other pharmacologic properties of certain bis-quaternary salts of basically substituted oxamides (WIN8077 and analogs)
Klimmer_1955_Arzneimittelforschung_5_584Untersuchungen uber die Toxicitat des neuen Kontaktinsecticides O,O-Dimethyl-Thiophosphorsaure-O-(B-5-ethyl)-athylester(Meta-systox)
Klimmer_1955_Arzneimittelforschung_5_626Vergleichende Untersuchungen uber die Toxicitat organischer Thiophosphorsaureester
Koelle_1955_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Therap_114_167The histochemical identification of cholinesterase in cholinergic, adrenergic and sensory neurons
Kraupp_1955_Arch.Int.Pharmacodyn.Ther_102_281Pharmakologische Eigenschaften einiger langwirksamer Cholinesterase-Hemmkorper aus der Reihe der Polymethylene-bis (Carbaminoyl-m-trimethylammonium-phenole)
Krnjevic_1955_J.Physiol_128_473The distribution of Na and K in cat nerves
Krnjevic_1955_Q.J.Exp.Physiol.Cogn.Med.Sci_40_203Study of some aspects of nervous and muscular activity during experimental human salt deficiency
Laidler_1955_Discuss.Faraday.Soc_51_528The influence of pH on the rates of enzyme reactions. Part 1, General theory
Laidler_1955_Discuss.Faraday.Soc_51_540The influence of pH on the rates of enzyme reactions. Part 2, The nature of the enzyme-substrate interaction
Laidler_1955_Discuss.Faraday.Soc_51_550The influence of the pH on the rates of enzyme reactions. Part 3, Analysis of experimental results for various enzyme systems
Lands_1955_Fed.Proc_14_361Mechanism of d-tubocurarine antagonism of certain bis-quaternary salts of basically substituted oxamides (WIN 8077 and analogs)
Lands_1955_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Ther_115_185An evaluation of the pharmacologic actions of some bis-quaternary salts of basically substituted oxamides (WIN 8077 and analogs)
Lands_1955_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Therap_115_185An evaluation of the pharmacologic actions of some bis-quaternary salts of basically substituted oxamides (WIN 8077 and analogs)
Levin_1955_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Therap_113_206Inactivation of cholinesterase by compounds related to neostigmine
Longo_1955_Experientia_11_76Acetylcholine, cholinergic drugs, and cortical electrical activity
Malmgren_1955_J.Histochem.Cytochem_3_441On the chemistry of the thiocholine method of Koelle
Mendel_1955_Nature_176_783Identification of pseudocholinesterase in the tissues of ruminants
Metcalf_1955_Physiol.Rev_35_197Physiological basis for insect resistance to insecticides
Michel_1955_Fed.Proc_14_255Kinetics of the reactions of cholinesterase, chymotrypsin and trypsin with organophosphorus inactivators
Mounter_1955_J.Biol.Chem_215_691The distribution of dialkyl-fluorophosphatases in the tissues of various species
Nachmansohn_1955_Am.J.Phys.Med_34_33Mechanisms of impulse transmission across neuromuscular junctions
Nachmansohn_1955_Circ.Res_3_429The generation of bioelectric potentials
Nachmansohn_1955_Ergeb.Physiol_48_575[Role of acetylcholine in the elementary processes of nerve conduction.]
Nathan_1955_Fed.Proc_14_106Cholinesterase activity in cytoplasmic particles from rabbit brain
Neilands_1955_Anal.Chem_17_29Automatic recording pH instrumentation
Ogston_1955_J.Physiol.London_128_222Removal of acetylcholine from a limited volume by diffusion
Rinaldi_1955_AMA.Arch.Neurol.Psychiatry_73_387Alerting responses and actions of atropine and cholinergie drugs
Rosnati_1955_R.C.Inst.Sup.Sanita_18_971Pharmacological properties and sensibil.ity of esterases to various derivatives of benzoylcholine and phenylacetylcholine
Sakaino_1955_NisshinIgaku_42_161Seasonal variation of cholinesterase activity in healthy human erythrocyte and plasma
Sawyer_1955_J.Exp.Zool_129_561Further experiments on cholinesterase and reflex activity in amblystoma larvae
Sevringhaus_1955_J.Appl.Physiol_8_81Respiratory dead space increase following atropine in man, and atropine, vagal or ganglionic blockade and hypothermie in dogs
Shen_1955_J.Comp.Neurol_102_717The distribution of cholinesterase in the frog brain
Smallman_1955_Enzymologia_17_133The effect of salts on the estimation of cholinesterase activity
Strickland_1955_Biochem.J_60_468On the mechanism of potassium loss from brain slices induced by cholinesterase inhibitors
Tammelin_1955_Sven.Farm.Tidskr_59_229The stability of acetyl-beta-methylcholine iodide (betacholyl) and succinylcholine iodide (celocurin) in solution
Tauc_1955_C.R.Hebd.Seances.Acad.Sci_240_672[Various aspects of the spontaneous electrical activity of the neurons of the abdominal ganglion of the Aplysia]
Tauc_1955_C.R.Hebd.Seances.Acad.Sci_241_1070[Fractional electrical activities observed in ganglion cells of the snail, Helix pomatia]
Tauc_1955_J.Physiol.(Paris)_47_769[Studies on elementary activity of cells of the abdominal ganglion of Aplysia]
Ten-Cate_1955_Pubbl.Staz.Zool.Napoli_27_199Contribution a la question de l'innervation cholinergique du coeur de l'Anodonta cygnea
Thesleff_1955_Acta.Pharmacol.Toxicol.(Copenh)_11_179The effects of decamethonium and its ethyl analogues on neuromuscular transmission
Thesleff_1955_Acta.Physiol.Scand_34_386The effects of acetylcholine, decamethonium and succinylcholine on neuromuscular transmission in the rat
Thesleff_1955_Nature_175_594Neuromuscular block caused by acetylcholine
Thompson_1955_Br.J.Pharmacol_10_61The action of lysergic acid diethylamide on mammalian cholinesterases
Van der Kloot_1955_Biological.Bulletin_109_276The control of neurosecretion and diapause by physiological changes in the brain of cecropia silkworm
Warringa_1955_Biochim.Biophys.Acta_16_300Purification of cholinesterase from ox red cells
Waser_1955_Experientia_11_452[Absence of an autonomic (nicotine-like) effect of muscarine]
Wilson_1955_Arch.Biochem_54_569Reactivation of acetylcholinesterase inhibited by alkyl phosphates
Wilson_1955_Biochim.Biophys.Acta_18_168A powerful reactivator of alkylphosphate-inhibited acetylcholinesterase
Wilson_1955_Discuss.Faraday.Soc_20_119Promotion of acetylcholinesterase activity by the anionic site
Wilson_1955_J.Am.Chem.Soc_77_2383Reactivation of human serum esterase inhibited by alkyl phosphates
Wilson_1955_J.Am.Chem.Soc_77_4286The reactivation of acetylcholinesterase inhibited by tetraethyl pyrophosphate and diiso-propylfluorophosphate

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