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Year Report for: 1965

Albanus_1965_Biochem.Pharmacol_14_1375Antidote effect of sodium fluoride in organophosphorus anticholinesterase poisoning
Albuquerque_1965_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Ther_149_320Stimulation of muscle spindle afferents by DMPP
Amos_1965_Ann.Intern.Med_62_1013Malathion poisoning treated with Protopam
Anichin_1965_Zh.Ushn.Nos.Gorl.Bolezn_25_46[Experimental study of the effect of intermittent sounds on the organ of Corti]
Aptekar_1965_Fed.Proc.Transl.Suppl_24_963Effect of atherogenic diet on activity of certain enzymes in blood and liver of rats
Arvy_1965_Arch.Biol.(Liege)_76_459[Distribution of cholinesterases]
Ashani_1965_Isr.J.Chem_3_133Reactivators of the inhibited acetylcholinesterase. 1. The preparation and properties of 4-hydroximino-methyl-1-methyl-pyridinium iodide
Augustinsson_1965_Acta.Endocrinol.(Copenh)_50_145Effect of castration and of testosterone on arylesterase activity and protein content of blood plasma in male dogs
Augustinsson_1965_Acta.Physiol.Scand_64_418Some factors regulating normal arylesterase activity of blood plasma in rats
Augustinsson_1965_Scand.J.Clin.Lab.Invest_17_573Determination of cholinesterase in blood samples dried on filter-paper and its practical application
Austin_1965_J.Neurochem_12_709The distribution of cerebellar cholinesterases in several species
Barbanti_1965_Arch.De.Vecchi.Anat.Patol_45_807[Modifications of neurosecretion and acetylcholinesterase activity of the anterior hypothalamus of the albino rat after removal of the superior cervical ganglion]
Bargeton-Farkas_1965_J.Neurol.Sci_2_213[Histo-enzymological aspects of the maturation of the nervous system]
Barnicot_1965_Q.J.Microsc.Sci_106_197Electron microscope observations on mitotic chromosomes
Barsegian_1965_Vopr.Pitan_24_44[Some enzymatic blood indices during rickets in children under 1 year of age]
Bartels_1965_Biochem.Biophys.Acta_109_194Relationship between acetylcholine and local anesthetics
Bartels_1965_Biochem.Z_342_359Molecular structure determining the action of local anesthetics on the acetylcholine receptor
Bauman_1965_Anal.Chem_37_1378Preparation of immobilized cholinesterase for use in analytical chemistry
Bebbington_1965_Adv.Drug.Res_2_143Muscarinic receptors in the peripheral and central nervous systems
Beleslin_1965_J.Physiol_177_420The release of acetylcholine into the cerebral subarachnoid space of anaesthetized cats
Beleslin_1965_J.Physiol_181_308The effect of leptazol and strychnine on the acetylcholine release from the cat brain
Bell_1965_Biochem.Pharmacol_14_79Cholinesterases in the bladder of the toad (Bufo marinus)
Belleau_1965_Adv.Drug.Res_2_89Conformational perturbation in relation to the regulation of enzyme and receptor behaviour.
Belleau_1965_J.Am.Chem.Soc_87_2283A correlation between the biological activity of alkyltrimethylammonium ions and their mode of interaction with acetylcholinesterase
Bender_1965_J.Am.Chem.Soc_87_1622Titration of the active sites of acetylcholinesterase
Berne_1965_Am.J.Physiol_208_763Influence of the cardiac nerves on coronary resistance
Beynon_1965_Nature_208_748Application of an agar-agar diffusion procedure to pesticide residue analysis and to the cholinesterase screening of candidate pesticides
Billiar_1965_Anal.Biochem_13_11Use of cholinesterase for hydrolyses of steroid acetates
Bjorksten_1965_Protein.Alter.Erythroc.Low.Temp_59_1Protein alterarion in erythrocytes at low temperatures
Bleiberg_1965_Toxicol.Appl.Pharmac_7_227Effects of certain metabolically active drugs and oximes on tri-o-cresyl phosphate toxicity
Bockendahl_1965_Hoppe.Seylers.Z.Physiol.Chem_341_185Untersuchungen an der Acetylcholinesterase. V. Die Isolierung des Ferments aus dem Blut von Helix pomatia
Bockendahl_1965_Hoppe.Seylers.Z.Physiol.Chem_343_79[Studies on acetylcholinesterase. VI. Occurrence of further acetylcholine splitting esterases in Helix pomatia]
Bolletti_1965_Riv.Neurobiol_11_305[Role of the acetylcholine system in the central nervous system (critical considerations and personal contribution in reference to anesthesiologic problems)]
Bolton_1965_J.Pharm.Sci_54_583Inhibition of acetylcholinesterase by chelates II
Borgo_1965_Minerva.Otorinolaringol_15_177[Respiratory nasal mucosa in senescence. 2. Histochemical data on some enzyme activities]
Borgstrom_1965_Biochim.Biophys.Acta_106_171The dimensions of the bile salt micelle. Measurements by gel filtration
Bouchaud_1965_C.R.Acad.Sci.III_261_5705[Histochemical comparison of the inhibitory effects produced in vitro and in vivo by beta-phenylisopropylhydrazine (PIH) on monamine oxidases in rats]
Brabec_1965_Acta.Haematol_34_88[Metabolic changes in erythrocytes in autoimmune hemolytic disease]
Brestkin_1965_Biokhimiia_30_1154Inhibition of the rate of hydrolyses of acetylcholine under the action of bovine erythrocyte acetylcholinesterase in the presence of high concentration of substrats. (English trans. pp. 991-995)
Brzin_1965_Biochem.Pharmacol_14_919Penetration of neostigmine, physostigmine, and paraoxon into the squid giant axon
Brzin_1965_J.Cell.Biol_26_353Cholinesterase activity per unit surface area of conducting membranes
Cavanagh_1965_Brain_88_165Changes in the central nervous system in the cat as the result of tri-o-cresylphosphate poisoning
Cheymol_1965_C.R.Acad.Sci.Hebd.Seances.Acad.Sci.D_261_3237[A new orthophosphoric acid trisubstituted derivative with strong anticholinesterase properties]
Cheymol_1965_Therapie_20_743[Experimental myotic action of homologous and analogous diethyl-4-nitrophenyl phosphate derivatives]
Christen_1965_Acta.Physiol.Pharmacol.Neerl_13_1The influence of some oximes on the hydrolyses of sarin and soman in plasma
Christen_1965_Biochim.Biophys.Acta_110_217The enzymatic isolation and fluoride catalysed racemisation of optically active sarin
Clarke_1965_Br.J.Anaesth_37_779Studies of drugs given before anaesthesia. IX. Morphine with tacrine
Cortesina_1965_Ann.Laringol.Otol.Rinol.Faringol_64_285[On the behavior of acetylcholinesterase activity in efferent cochlear fibers after destruction of the receptor and afferent fibers]
Cortesina_1965_Minerva.Otorinolaringol_15_182[Technic of demonstration of acetylcholinesterase activity in the inner ear. Methods of decalcification and conservation of enzymatic activity]
Couteaux_1965_Actual.Pharmacol.(Paris)_18_33[Histocytochemical findings on in vitro and in vivo inhibition of monoamine oxidases]
Crocker_1965_Pediatrics_35_627Wolman's disease: three new patients with a recently described lipidosis
Csillik_1965_Acta.Biol.Acad.Sci.Hung_16_185Cholinesterase, arylesterase and the structural basis of neurohumoral transmission in the central nervous system
Csillik_1965_Acta.Histochem_22_350Histochemistry of the andrenergic and the cholinergic autonomic innervation apparatus as represented by the rat iris
Csillik_1965_Acta.Neurol.Psychiatr.Belg_65_251[Histochemical aspects of the cerebellar cortex]
Davidson_1965_Anal.Biochem_12_70A colorimetric screening method for cholinesterases using agar gel
Diegenbach_1965_Nature_207_308Use of inhibitors in cholinesterase histochemistry
Dietz_1965_Acta.Genet.Stat.Med_15_208Four families segregating for the silent gene for serum cholinesterase
Dubois_1965_Arch.Environ.Hlth_10_837Low-level organophosphate residues in the diet
Dubois_1965_Arch.Int.Pharmacodyn_156_418Modification of the anticholinesterase action of O,O-diethyl O-(4-methylthio-m-tolyl) phosphorothioate (DMP) by drugs affecting hepatic microsomal enzymes
Duncalf_1965_Br.J.Anaesth_37_591Investigation of the cardiovascular effects of hexafluorenium
Durham_1965_Arch.Environ.Hlth_10_55Studies in exposed workers and in poisoning cases
Ehinger_1965_Life.Sci_4_2097Noradrenaline and cholinesterases in concomitant nerve fibres in the rat iris
Ellman_1965_Exp.Neurol_13_191Sulfhydryl reactivity in the central nervous system: effects of electro-shock
Engberg_1965_Experientia_21_612Reticulospinal inhibition of transmission through interneurones of spinal reflex pathways
Erdmann_1965_Arzneimittelforschung_15_135Vergleichende Untersuchungen uber das Penetrationsvermogen einiger Esterase-reaktivierender Oxime in das zentrale Nervensystem
Erlanger_1965_Nature_205_868Postulated chemical basis for observed differences in the enzymatic behavior of chymotrypsin and trypsine
Fleisher_1965_Biochem.Pharmacol_14_641Dealkylation as a mechanism for aging of cholinesterase after poisoning with pinacolyl methylphosphonfluoridate
Foldes_1965_Clin.Pharmacol.Ther_6_328The intravenous toxicity of local anesthetic agents in man
Foldes_1965_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Therap_150_220Omega-Amino fatty acid esters of choline: interaction with cholinesterases and neuromuscular activity in man
Friess_1965_Arch.Biochem.Biophys_111_61Blockade of excitable nodes of Ranvier by stereoisomeric phenylacetate esters in the tropine and psi-tropine series. 3
Fukuto_1965_J.Med.Chem_8_759Reactivity of some 2-p-nitrophenoxy-1,3,2-dioxaphospholane 2-oxides and -dioxaphosphorinane 2-oxides
Funnell_1965_Nature_208_689Proposed physiological function for plasma cholinesterase
Gabliks_1965_Proc.Soc.Exp.Biol.Med_120_163Responses of cell cultures to insecticides. 1. Acute toxicity to human cells
Gahan_1965_Bull.World.Health.Organ_32_169Additional studies with new insecticides as residual spray in buildings naturally infested with anopheles quadrimaculatus
Geller_1965_J.Neurochem_12_949Effects of environmental complexity on constituents of brain and liver
Georghiou_1965_Bull.World.Health.Organ_33_479Toxicity of certain new compounds to insecticide-resistant houseflies
Gerarde_1965_J.Occup.Med_7_303An ultra-micro screening method for the determination of blood cholinesterase
Gitelson_1965_Brit.J.Industr.Med_22_236Phosphamidon poisoning
Glow_1965_Nature_206_475Effects of reduced acetylcholinesterase levels on extinction of a conditioned response
Goedde_1965_Arzneimittelforschung_15_1460[Results and problems in pharmacogenetics. Report on an international symposium on March 13-14, 1964 in Titisee, Black Forest]
Goedde_1965_Biochim.Biophys.Acta_107_391On the problem of a silent gene in pseudocholinesterase polymorphism
Goedde_1965_Humangenetik_1_311[On the application of pseudocholinesterase polymorphism in paternity expert opinions]
Goedde_1965_Humangenetik_1_607[Biochemical studies on the problem of the existence of a silent gene in polymorphism of pseudochloinesterases]
Goedde_1965_Zeit.anal.Chem_212_238Methoden zur Identifizierung, Anreicherung und Charakterisierung genetisch bedingter Acylcholin-Acyl-Hydrolase-Varianten (E.C.
Gramus_1965_Biochim.Biophys.Acta_110_540Reversible aggregation of acetylcholinesterase
Grasso_1965_Arch.Fisiol_65_52[Detection and determination of parathion in the range of nanogram fractions, in biological matter using gas chromatographic analysis with an electron capture detector. Control of Paraoxon with a biological test]
Greenberg_1965_Comp.Biochem.Physiol_14_513A compendium of responses of bivalve hearts to acetylcholine
Greenberg_1965_J.Biol.Chem_240_1639Studies of Acid Phosphomonoesterases and Their Inhibition by Diisopropylphosphorofluoridate
Grigor'eva_1965_Biokhimiia_30_415[Effect of tetraalkylammonium on the relationship between cholinesterases and organic phosphate inhibitors]
Gromadzki_1965_Biochem.Pharmacol_14_1745The effect of axotomy on the acetylcholinesterase of the superior cervical ganglion of the cat
Guilbault_1965_Anal.Chem_37_120Resorufin butyrate and indoxyl acetate as fluorogenic substrates for cholinesterase
Guilbault_1965_Anal.Chem_37_1675Fluorometric system employing immobilized cholinesterase for assaying anticholinesterase compounds
Harrison_1965_Vet.Rec_77_1145Bromophos (S 1942) for the control of sheep blowfly (Lucilia sericata) in England
Hart_1965_Proc.Soc.Exp.Biol.Med_119_1037Influence of hemicholiniumno. 3 on mammalian tissue levels of acetylcholine
Hayes_1965_J.Am.Med.Assoc_192_49Parathion poisoning and its treatment
Hegazy_1965_Brit.J.Industr.Med_22_230poisoned patients
Heilbronn-Wikstrom_1965_Svensk.Kem.Tidskr_77_11Phosphorylated cholinesterases, their formation, reactions and induced hydrolyses
Heilbronn_1965_Acta.Chem.Scand_19_1333Action of fluoride on cholinesterase. I. On the mechanism of inhibition
Heilbronn_1965_Acta.Chem.Scand_19_521Reaction of tabun with fluoride in aqueous solution
Heilbronn_1965_Biochem.Pharmacol_14_1363Action of fluoride on cholinesterase. II. In vitro reactivation of cholinesterases inhibited by organophosphorus compounds
Heilbronn_1965_Biochem.Pharmacol_14_73Toxogenin in sarin, soman and tabun poisoning
Hirschowitz_1965_Am.J.Physiol_209_452Vagal gastric secretory stimulation by 2-deoxy-D-glucose
Hiscox_1965_Am.J.Ophthalmol_60_425Cardiac arrest occurring in a patient on echothiophate iodide therapy
Ho_1965_Biochem.Pharmacol_14_151The estimation of the activity of acetylcholinesterase and other esterases in the rat brain by an amperometric method
Ho_1965_Nature_205_1118Anticholinesterase activity of tetrahydroaminotacrine and succinyl choline hydrolyses
Hodgkin_1965_J.Clin.Invest_44_486Complete Pseudocholinesterase Deficiency: Genetic and Immunologic Characterization
Holmstedt_1965_Biochem.Pharmacol_14_189Tremorine and oxotremorine effects on acetlcholinesterase and choline acetylase from rat brain
Hosein_1965_Can.J.Physiol.Pharmacol_43_657Failure of the method of parallel bioassay to identify acetylcholine in mixtures of substances with acetylcholine-like activity
Hoskin_1965_J.Gen.Physiol_49_47Penetration of sugars, steroids, amino acids, and other organic compounds into the interior of the squid giant axon
Huxley_1965_Nature_206_1358Constancy of axial spacings in frog sartorius muscle during contraction
Huxley_1965_Sci.Am_213_18The mechanism of muscular contraction
Il'iuchenok_1965_Biull.Eksp.Biol.Med_60_57[Acetylcholinesterase and the bioelectrical activity of the brain under the action of eserine and galanthamine in animals with premesencephalic section of the brain]
Israel_1965_Experientia_21_325The isolation of mossy fibre endings from the granular layer of the cerebellar cortex
Jabonero_1965_Z.Mikrosk.Anat.Forsch_73_96[Studies on synapses of the peripheral vegetative nervous system. V. Additional observations on the ending systems of postganglionic nerve fibers]
Jacobowitz_1965_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Therap_148_225Histochemical correlations of acetylcholinesterase and catecholamines in post-ganglionic autonomic nerves of the cat, rabbit, and guinea pig
Jensen-Holm_1965_Acta.Pharmacol.Toxicol.(Copenh)_23_287The specific and non-specific cholinesterase activity in brain and ileum of guinea pigs killed by intravenous paroxan at different infusion rates
Joo_1965_Acta.Histochem_22_40A new modification of the Koelle-Friedenwald method for the histochemical demonstration of cholinesterase activity
Kalow_1965_Fed.Proc_24_1259Contribution of hereditary factors to the response to drugs
Kandel_1965_J.Physiol_181_1Heterosynaptic facilitation in neurones of the abdominal ganglion of Aplysia depilans
Kandel_1965_J.Physiol_181_28Mechanism of heterosynaptic facilitation in the giant cell of the abdominal ganglion of Aplysia depilans
Kaneko_1965_Tohoku.J.Exp.Med_86_178Alteration of acetylicholinesterase in the cochlea
Karczmar_1965_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Therap_147_350Pharmacological actions of oxamides and hydroxyanilinium compounds at frog neuromyal junction
Karlin_1965_J.Cell.Biol_25_159The association of acetylcholinesterase and membrane in subcellular fractions of the electric tissue of Electrophorus
Kasa_1965_J.Neurochem_12_31Histochemical localization of acetylcholinesterase in the cat cerebellar cortex
Kasa_1965_Nature_208_695Cholinergic excitation and inhibition in the cerebellar cortex
Katz_1965_Anesthesiology_26_154The effects of hexafluorenium and edrophonium on the neuromuscular blocking actions of succinylcholine, decamethonium, imbretil and d-tubocurarine
Katz_1965_J.Physiol_181_656The effect of temperature on the synaptic delay at the neuromuscular junction
Katz_1965_Nature_207_1097Release of acetylcholine from a nerve terminal by electric pulses of variable strength and duration
Katz_1965_Proc.R.Soc.Lond.B.Biol.Sci_161_453Propagation of electric activity in motor nerve terminals
Katz_1965_Proc.R.Soc.Lond.B.Biol.Sci_161_483The measurement of synaptic delay, and the time course of acetylcholine release at the neuromuscular junction
Katz_1965_Proc.R.Soc.Lond.B.Biol.Sci_161_496The effect of calcium on acetylcholine release from motor nerve terminals
Kay_1965_Am.J.Pub.Health_55_1Recent advances in research on environrnental toxicology of the agricultural occupations
Khanna_1965_J.Pharm.Sci_54_1016Atromentin, anticoagulant from Hydnellum diabolus
Khera_1965_J.Histochem.Cytochem_13_559Cholinesterases and motor end-plates in developing duck skeletal muscle
Kitz_1965_Biochem.Pharmacol_14_1471Activity-structure relationships in the reactivation of diethylphosphoryl acetylcholinesterase by phenyl-1-methyl pyridinium ketoximes
Kling_1965_Int.J.Neuropharmacol_4_353Effects of early handling and light stimulation on the acetylcholinesterase activity of the developing rat brain
Koenig_1965_Arch.Anat.Microsc.Morphol.Exp_54_937[Relations between the distribution of acetylcholinesterase activity and that of ergastoplasm in the neurons of the ciliary ganglion of the chicken]
Koenig_1965_J.Neurochem_12_343Synthetic mechanisms in the axon - I. Local axonal synthesis of acetylcholinesterase
Koenig_1965_J.Neurochem_12_357Synthetic mechanisms in the axon - II. RNA in myelin free axons of the cat
Krnjevic_1965_J.Anat_99_711A histochernical study of cholinergic fibres in the cerebral cortex
Krnjevic_1965_J.Physiol_176_105Cortical CO2 tension and neuronal excitability
Krnjevic_1965_J.Physiol_179_298Excitation and depression of cortical neurones by brain fractions released from micropipettes
Krnjevic_1965_Nature_205_603Ergoyhioneine and central neurones
Krnjevic_1965_Nature_207_84Excitatory and depressant properties of certain brain fractions
Krupka_1965_Biochem.Biophys.Res.Comm_19_531Are identical catalytic groups involved in the acetylation and the deacetylation steps of acetylcholinesterase reactions?
Krupka_1965_Biochemistry_4_429Acetylcholinesterase: structural requirements for blocking deacetylation
Kuhnberg_1965_Proc.Israel.Physiol.Pharmac.Soc_1_51Action of new oximes against organophosphate poisoning
Kunkee_1965_Biochem.Pharmacol_14_1011Inactivation and reactivation rates of fly and bee cholinesterases inhibited by sevin
La Motta_1965_Can.J.Physiol.Pharmacol_43_313Isozymes of serum cholinesterase: a new polymerization sequence
Lewis_1965_J.Physiol.London_178_25Changes in cholinesterase activity following axotomy
Lewis_1965_J.Physiol.London_180_8Fine localisation of acetylcholinesterase in the optic nerve and retina of the rat
Li_1965_Science_147_1580Ciguatera fish poison: a cholinesterase inhibitor
Llinas_1965_J.Neurophysiol_28_413Mechanisms of supraspinal actions upon spinal cord activities. Reticular inhibitory mechanisms upon flexor motoneurons
Longmore_1965_Chem.Ind_29_1297Synthesis of dl-physovenine
Luthi_1965_Arch.Int.Pharmacodyn.Ther_156_319[Distribution and metabolism of C14-decamethonium in cats]
Maggi_1965_Acta.Anaesthesiol_16_Suppl 4:43[Histochemical changes in the sympathetic ganglionic system during neuroleptoanalgesia]
Manian_1965_Life.Sci_4_2425A comparative pharmacological study of a series of monohydroxylated and methoxylated chlorpromazine derivatives
McAlpine_1965_East.Afr.Med.J_42_484A histochemical study of cholinesterase activity in Kaposi's sarcoma
McCaman_1965_J.Neurochem_12_927Species differences in subcellular distribution of choline acetylase in the CNS. A study of choline acetylase, acetylcholinesterase, 5-hydroxytryptophan decarboxylase, and monoamine oxidase in four species
McComb_1965_Clin.Chem_11_645Procedure for detecting atypical serum cholinesterase using o-nitrophenylbutyrate as substrats
McGeer_1965_Life.Sci_4_1859Subcellular localization of tyrosine hydroxylase in beef caudate nucleus
Mcdermot_1965_Can.J.Physiol.Pharmacol_43_845Penetration of guinea pig and rabbit skin by dimethyl sulfoxide solutions of a quaternary oxime
Mcphillips_1965_Toxicol.Appl.Pharmac_7_64Effect of chlorcyclizine on the toxicity and metabolism of octamethyl pyrophosphoramide
Meeter_1965_Acta.Physiol.Pharmacol.Neerl_13_207The design and testing of an apparatus for artificial respiration of casualties during transport in a contaminated atmosphere
Megazzini_1965_Experientia_21_406Regional changes of the cholinergic system in the guinea-pig's brain after physostigmine
Mel'nikova_1965_Farmakol.Toksikol_28_742[The blood and liver cholinesterase activity in poisoning with porophor-505 and celogen]
Mengel_1965_Aerosp.Med_36_1036Studies of the mechanism of in vivo RBC damage by oxygen
Metcalf_1965_J.Econ.Entomol_58_1151Silicon-containing carbamate insecticides
Metcalf_1965_J.Econ.Entomol_58_143Selective insecticidal action of isopropyl parathion and analogues
Metcalf_1965_Proc.Pap.Annu.Conf.Calif.Mosq.Control.Assoc_33_66Resistance implications
Mitchell_1965_Biochim.Biophys.Acta_104_348Enzyme and hemoglobin retention in human erythrocyte stroma
Moriconi_1965_Boll.Soc.Ital.Biol.Sper_41_102[Acetylcholinesterase in the gastric glandular cell of the chicken during its differentiation and functional development]
Morris_1965_Nature_207_1295Acetylcholine in the electric organ of Torpedo
Morrison_1965_Aust.J.Biol.Sci_27_317Kinetic methods for the determination of enzyme reaction mechanisms.
Nachmansohn_1965_Isr.J.Med.Sci_1_1201Chemical control of the permeability cycle in excitable membranes during activity
Naftalin_1965_Cold.Spring.Harb.Symp.Quant.Biol_30_169Some new proposals regarding acoustic transmission and transduction
Naumenko_1965_Probl.Endokrinol.Gormonoter_11_99[On the role of cholino-reactive structures in regulating the function of the hypophyseal-adrenal system]
Navaratnam_1965_J.Anat_99_459The ontogenesis of cholinesterase activity within the heart and cardiac ganglia in man, rat, rabbit and guinea-pig
Neal_1965_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Therap_148_185Studies on the mechanism of detoxification of cholinergic phosphorothioates
Neely_1965_Mol.Pharmacol_1_137The use of molecular orbital calculations as an aid to correlate the structure and activity of cholinesterase inhibitors
Nesterenko_1965_Farmakol.Toksikol_28_413[Influence exerted by galanthamine on the acetylcholinesterase activity of various regions of the brain]
Niemierko_1965_Postepy.Biochem_11_247[Distribution and characteristics of acetylcholinesterase]
Nomura_1965_Ann.Otol.Rhinol.Laryngol_74_289The efferent fibers in the cochlea
O'Brien_1965_Ann.N.Y.Acad.Sci_123_156The role of activating and degrading enzymes in determining species specificity of toxicants
Oeriu_1965_Gerontologia_11_222Changes in thiol enzyme activity, as occurring in the aged body under the influence of folcysteine administration
Oki_1965_Can.J.Physiol.Pharmacol_43_147Studies of esterases and multiple forms of cholinesterase in equine plasma
Omoto_1965_Nature_205_726Pseudocholinesterase variants in Japan
Oooms_1965_Biochem.Pharmacol_14_1839Sterospecificity of hydrolytic enzymes in their reaction with optically active organophosphorus compounds. I. The reaction of cholinesterases and paraoxonase with S-alkyl P-nitrophenyl methylphosphonothiolates
Palkama_1965_Ann.Med.Exp.Biol.Fenn_43_169The presence of carotid body like structure between the right subclavian and common carotid arteries
Pavlin_1965_J.Neurochem_12_515Cholinesterases in reticular nerve cells
Pazzagli_1965_Int.J.Neuropharmacol_4_291Amnesic properties of scopolamine and brain acetylcholine in the rat
Penchev_1965_Biull.Eksp.Biol.Med_60_24[Characteristics of the activity of acetylcholinesterase in antagonist muscles during ontogenesis in dogs]
Pepeu_1965_Arch.Ital.Sci.Farmacol_15_93[Nicotine and cerebral acetylcholine]
Pevzner_1965_Biokhimiia_30_980[The separation, partial purification and some properties of acetylcholinestersase from red cells of cattle]
Phillis_1965_Br.Med.Bull_21_26Cholinergic mechanisms in the cerebellum
Phillis_1965_Experientia_21_266Cholinesterase in the cat cerebellar cortex, deep nuclei and peduncles
Phillis_1965_Nature_207_1253Acetylcholine release from the cerebral and cerebellar cortices, its role in cortical arousal
Pilz_1965_Klin.Wochenschr_43_1227[Studies on acetylcholinesterase in human whole blood and a routine method for its determination]
Pokrovskii_1965_Fed.Proc.Transl.Suppl_24_995Enzyme activities of brain tissues in reflex epilepsy
Polak_1965_J.Physiol_181_317Effect of hyoscine on the output of acetylcholine into perfused cerebral ventricles of cats
Pugliarello_1965_Ital.J.Biochem_14_277Reactivation of phosphorylated acetylcholinesterase by two derivatives of 2-pyridine-aldoxime
Purcell_1965_Biochim.Biophys.Acta_105_201Cholinesterase inhibitory prognoses of thirty-six alkyl substituted 3-carbamoyl piperidines
Quinby_1965_J.Am.Med.Assoc_191_1Tetraethyl pyrophosphate poisoning following airplane dusting
Quintana_1965_J.Pharm.Sci_54_462Relationships between partition coefficients and cholinesterase inhibition of carbamoylpiperidinoalkanes
Quintana_1965_J.Pharm.Sci_54_573Relationships between the surface activity and cholinesterase inhibition of carbamoylpiperidinoalkanes. II. Variations in the amide function
Quintana_1965_J.Pharm.Sci_54_785Synthesis of carbamoylpiperidine-type cholinesterase inhibitors
Quintana_1965_J.Ptzarin.Sci_54_573Relationships between the surface activity and cholinesterase inhibition of carbamoylpiperidino-alkanes. II. Variations in the amide function
Reiner_1965_Biochem.J_97_710Oxime reactivation of erythrocyte cholinesterase inhibited by ethyl p-nitrophenyl ethylphosphonate
Reiner_1965_Nature_205_1110Occurrence of cholinesterase isoenzymes in horse serum
Richterich_1965_Schweiz.Med.Wochenschr_92_263Bestimmung der Serumcholinesterase mit Hilfe eines Indikator Papiers
Rizzoli_1965_Boll.Soc.Ital.Biol.Sper_41_1173[On the micrometric determination of acetylcholinesterase activity]
Roberts_1965_Acta.Anaesthesiol.Scand_9_165Neuromuscular transmission in vivo and the actions of decamethonium: a micro-electrode study
Rogers_1965_J.Anat_99_89The development of the rat carotid body
Rosenberg_1965_Biochem.Pharmacol_14_1765Penetration of acetylcholine into squid giant axons
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