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Title : Detection of O,O-diethyl-O-(2,5-dichlorophenyl) phosphorothioate and O,O-diethyl-O-(3,6-dichloro-2-pyridyl) phosphorothioate in meat fat - Luke_1976_J.Assoc.Off.Anal.Chem_59_1081
Author(s) : Luke BG , Dahl CJ
Ref : J Assoc Off Analytical Chemistry , 59 :1081 , 1976
Abstract : Two previously unreported organophosphorus residues have been detected in meat fat. The first, O,O-diethyl-O-(2,5-dichlorophenyl) phosphorothioate, apparently results from the debromination of bromophos-ethyl, while the other, O,O-diethy-O-(3,6-dichloro-2-pyridyl) phosphorothioate, presumably arises by the monodechlorination of chlorpyriphos. Mass spectral evidence is presented in support of the assigned structures and gas-liquid chromatographic retention data for the residues and their oxygen analogs are provided.
ESTHER : Luke_1976_J.Assoc.Off.Anal.Chem_59_1081
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PubMedID: 61199