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Title : Global analysis of protein localization in budding yeast - Huh_2003_Nature_425_686
Author(s) : Huh WK , Falvo JV , Gerke LC , Carroll AS , Howson RW , Weissman JS , O'Shea EK
Ref : Nature , 425 :686 , 2003
Abstract : A fundamental goal of cell biology is to define the functions of proteins in the context of compartments that organize them in the cellular environment. Here we describe the construction and analysis of a collection of yeast strains expressing full-length, chromosomally tagged green fluorescent protein fusion proteins. We classify these proteins, representing 75% of the yeast proteome, into 22 distinct subcellular localization categories, and provide localization information for 70% of previously unlocalized proteins. Analysis of this high-resolution, high-coverage localization data set in the context of transcriptional, genetic, and protein-protein interaction data helps reveal the logic of transcriptional co-regulation, and provides a comprehensive view of interactions within and between organelles in eukaryotic cells.
ESTHER : Huh_2003_Nature_425_686
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PubMedID: 14562095
Gene_locus related to this paper: yeast-AIM2 , yeast-BST1 , yeast-ECM18 , yeast-FSH1 , yeast-FSH2 , yeast-mgll , yeast-YDR444W , yeast-YLR118c