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Title : A femtomolar-range suicide germination stimulant for the parasitic plant Striga hermonthica - Uraguchi_2018_Science_362_1301
Author(s) : Uraguchi D , Kuwata K , Hijikata Y , Yamaguchi R , Imaizumi H , Am S , Rakers C , Mori N , Akiyama K , Irle S , McCourt P , Kinoshita T , Ooi T , Tsuchiya Y
Ref : Science , 362 :1301 , 2018
Abstract : The parasitic plant Striga hermonthica has been causing devastating damage to the crop production in Africa. Because Striga requires host-generated strigolactones to germinate, the identification of selective and potent strigolactone agonists could help control these noxious weeds. We developed a selective agonist, sphynolactone-7, a hybrid molecule originated from chemical screening, that contains two functional modules derived from a synthetic scaffold and a core component of strigolactones. Cooperative action of these modules in the activation of a high-affinity strigolactone receptor ShHTL7 allows sphynolactone-7 to provoke Striga germination with potency in the femtomolar range. We demonstrate that sphynolactone-7 is effective for reducing Striga parasitism without impinging on host strigolactone-related processes.
ESTHER : Uraguchi_2018_Science_362_1301
PubMedSearch : Uraguchi_2018_Science_362_1301
PubMedID: 30545887