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Title : Pralidoxime iodide (2-pAM) penetrates across the blood-brain barrier - Sakurada_2003_Neurochem.Res_28_1401
Author(s) : Sakurada K , Matsubara K , Shimizu K , Shiono H , Seto Y , Tsuge K , Yoshino M , Sakai I , Mukoyama H , Takatori T
Ref : Neurochem Res , 28 :1401 , 2003
Abstract : The in vivo rat brain microdialysis technique with HPLC/UV was used to determine the blood-brain barrier (BBB) penetration of pralidoxime iodide (2-PAM), which is a component of the current nerve agent antidote therapy. After intravenous dosage of 2-PAM (10, 50, 100 mg/kg), 2-PAM appeared dose-dependently in the dialysate; the striatal extracellular/blood concentration ratio at 1 h after 50 mg/kg dosage was 0.093 +/- 0.053 (mean +/- SEM). This finding offered conclusive evidence of the BBB penetration of 2-PAM. We also examined whether the BBB penetration of 2-PAM was mediated by a certain specific transporter, such as a neutral or basic amino acid transport system. Although it was unclear, the neural uptake of 2-PAM was Na+ dependent. The mean BBB penetration by 2-PAM was approximately 10%, indicating the intravenous administration of 2-PAM might be to a degree effective to reactivation of the blocked cholinesterase in the brain.
ESTHER : Sakurada_2003_Neurochem.Res_28_1401
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PubMedID: 12938863

Title : Tissue distribution of DDVP after fatal ingestion - Shimizu_1996_Forensic.Sci.Int_83_61
Author(s) : Shimizu K , Shiono H , Fukushima T , Sasaki M , Akutsu H , Sakata M
Ref : Forensic Science International , 83 :61 , 1996
Abstract : Tissue distribution of dichlorvos (DDVP) was determined in a case of fatal ingestion using a rapid and simple gas chromatographic (GC) assay. Remarkable autopsy findings were congestion of the lung and kidneys and bleeding ulcer extending from the dorsum of the tongue to the upper pharynx. The serum cholinesterase activity was 2 IU/1, however, miosis was not observed. In the stomach, 250 ml of volatile fluid was found. Tissue distribution of DDVP was determined using a newly developed simple and rapid GC method. DDVP was found in the spleen and heart at higher concentrations (3340 and 815 micrograms/g, respectively), and also detected in the urine at the lowest level (4.5 micrograms/ml). The DDVP concentrations in blood, brain, lung, kidney and liver were 29, 9.7, 81, 80 and 20 micrograms/ml or g, respectively.
ESTHER : Shimizu_1996_Forensic.Sci.Int_83_61
PubMedSearch : Shimizu_1996_Forensic.Sci.Int_83_61
PubMedID: 8939014