Velikova VD

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Title : [The comparative clinico-experimental characteristics of aminostigmine and galanthamine used for treating poisonings by choline-blocking substances]. [Russian] - Prozorovskii_1996_Eksp.Klin.Farmakol_59_64
Author(s) : Prozorovskii VB , Velikova VD , Pshenkina NN , Vasilenko ET
Ref : Eksperimentalnaia i Klinicheskaia Farmakologiia , 59 :64 , 1996
Abstract : The results of application of cholinesterase inhibitors, aminostigmin and galantamin, for treatment of acute poisoning with cyclodol, dimedrol, and solutan of moderately grave condition are presented. Aminostigmin was shown to exhibit the more pronounced stable and universal effect. The experiments in animals showed that aminostigmine affected peripheral and central M-cholinoreactive structures and conjugated with them more actively than galantamin. Aminostigmin, but not galantamin increases the rate of dopamine circulation and content of cyclic guanozinemonophosphate in frontal brain of rats, and this effect is exhibited even under the conditions of N-cholinoreceptor blockade with amizyl.
ESTHER : Prozorovskii_1996_Eksp.Klin.Farmakol_59_64
PubMedSearch : Prozorovskii_1996_Eksp.Klin.Farmakol_59_64
PubMedID: 8704639

Title : [Aminostigmine as a cholinesterase inhibitor and as an agent for treating poisonings by cholinergic blockers]. [Russian] - Prozorovskii_1994_Eksp.Klin.Farmakol_57_13
Author(s) : Prozorovskii VB , Livanov GA , Velikova VD , Afanas'ev VV , Pavlova LV
Ref : Eksperimentalnaia i Klinicheskaia Farmakologiia , 57 :13 , 1994
Abstract : Experiments on non-inbred albino mice have demonstrated that aminostigmine is an active reversible centrally active cholinesterase inhibitor close to the properties of physostigmine, but greatly superior to it in its action duration. Clinical examinations of healthy volunteers and patients have shown that aminostigmine-induced inhibition of cholinesterase activity persists 6 hours. The agent have been found to be more highly effective in treating cholin blocker-induced intoxications than galanthamine, which manifests itself in its greater stability of the therapeutical effect achieved and in its higher ability to prevent cardiovascular events occurring in intoxication.
ESTHER : Prozorovskii_1994_Eksp.Klin.Farmakol_57_13
PubMedSearch : Prozorovskii_1994_Eksp.Klin.Farmakol_57_13
PubMedID: 7696893