Yeary RA

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Title : A multiyear study of blood cholinesterase activity in urban pesticide applicators - Yeary_1993_J.Toxicol.Env.Health_39_11
Author(s) : Yeary RA , Eaton J , Gilmore E , North B , Singell J
Ref : Journal of Toxicology & Environmental Health , 39 :11 , 1993
Abstract : This article is a review of blood cholinesterase activity in a cohort of urban pesticide applicators ranging from 1680 to over 3800 workers. During the period 1981-1991, 208, 788 blood samples were taken for measurement of cholinesterase activity with an average of 6 samples per year from each worker. A total of 150 workers or 0.44% of the cohort was removed from exposure to cholinesterase-inhibiting insecticides because of decreased cholinesterase activity. No worker required treatment for signs of cholinesterase inhibition.
ESTHER : Yeary_1993_J.Toxicol.Env.Health_39_11
PubMedSearch : Yeary_1993_J.Toxicol.Env.Health_39_11
PubMedID: 8492325

Title : Oral intubation of dogs with combinations of fertilizer, herbicide, and insecticide chemicals commonly used on lawns - Yeary_1984_Am.J.Vet.Res_45_288
Author(s) : Yeary RA
Ref : American Journal of Veterinary Research , 45 :288 , 1984
Abstract : Six Beagle dogs were orally intubated with mixtures of a urea-based fertilizer, 2,4-D, mecoprop (MCPP), dicamba, and either bensulide or chlorpyrifos. The mixtures were formulated as they are used in liquid application to lawns. The dogs were given volumes of 10 ml/kg of body weight, delivering the following quantities of each ingredient: urea--623 mg/kg, inorganic phosphorus (P2O5)--24 mg/kg, potassium (K2O)--66 mg/kg, 2,4-D--6.5 mg/kg, MCPP--3.26 mg/kg, dicamba--0.55 mg/kg, and either bensulide--60.93 mg/kg or chlorpyrifos--6.77 mg/kg. The dogs were given 3 consecutive daily doses of the mixture containing bensulide (round 1) or the mixture containing chlorpyrifos (round 2). The dogs did not exhibit any clinical signs of illness associated with the treatments. Effects on hematologic values or routine clinical chemical analyses did not occur with the round 2 mixture. Serum lactic dehydrogenase activity decreased by approximately 50% after a single dose of the round 1 mixture was given. Plasma cholinesterase decreased to approximately 50% of control values following either the round 1 or the round 2 mixture; this decrease was not accompanied by cholinergic signs of intoxication.
ESTHER : Yeary_1984_Am.J.Vet.Res_45_288
PubMedSearch : Yeary_1984_Am.J.Vet.Res_45_288
PubMedID: 6201092