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Off-loading Dieckmann cyclase, NcmC, that installs the tetramate head group in nocamycin, a hybrid polyketide/nonribosomalpeptide natural product. A conserved thioesterase-like scaffold has been adapted to perform a new chemical reaction: heterocyclization. The catalytic triad for the cyclization reaction consists of Cys89, Asp116, and His254 in 9pseu-NcmC. Dieckmann cyclase (TrdC, SlgL, LipX2, KirHI,and FacH) last step which generate actinomycete-derived tetramic acid and pyridone natural products in the biosynthetic pathways for Tirandamycin, Streptolydigin, alpha-Lipomycin, Kirromycin, and Factumycin


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Gene_locus related to this paper: 9pseu-NcmC

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