Family: RutD

Block: X

Parent Family: Abhydrolase_6


RutD is encoded within the Rut operon which allows growth on pyrimidines as sole nitrogen source. The function of this protein is not known, but it is necessary for growth on pyrimidines, and cells lacking RutD produce much less of the Rut pathway intermediate malonic semialdehyde than normal. It is thought that RutD increases the rate of spontaneous hydrolysis of the toxic intermediate aminoacrylate to malonic semialdehyde. The closest relative family is Carboxymethylbutenolide_lactonase. The structure of E. Coli RutD by Knapik et al. revealed a new active site for an alphabeta hydrolase: The nucleophile residue is Histidine located in a pentapptide GHALG. (a similar pentapeptide GHALD with alanine as nucleophile has been found in an un related family Methylketone synthase 1 in hydroxylnitrile lyase Auldridge et al.)


Interpro : IPR019913 Pyrimidine utilisation protein RutD

PIRSF : PIRSF000875 3-oxoadipate enol-lactonase

Pdoc : No Pdoc

Pfam : PF12697 Abhydrolase_6

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Gene_locus related to this paper: ecoli-rutD

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Gene_locus related to this paper: ecoli-rutD

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Gene_locus related to this paper: ecoli-rutD