Family: T7SS-TslA

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T7SS effector. TslA is a T7SS (type VII secretion system) secreted interbacterial toxin from S. aureus which has a phospholipase domain at its N-terminus, and a helical C-terminal domain. TlaA1 and TlaA2 are Lap-like proteins that interact with the TslA. C-terminus to mediate its secretion


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Title : A type VII-secreted lipase toxin with reverse domain arrangement - Garrett_2023_Nat.Commun_14_8438
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Abstract : Garrett_2023_Nat.Commun_14_8438
ESTHER : Garrett_2023_Nat.Commun_14_8438
PubMedSearch : Garrett_2023_Nat.Commun_14_8438
PubMedID: 38114483
Gene_locus related to this paper: staau-SAV0446

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