Title : Strigolactones: diversity, perception, and hydrolysis - Guercio_2023_Phytochem.Rev_22_339
Author(s) : Guercio AM , Palayam M , Shabek N
Ref : Phytochemistry Review , 22 :339 , 2023
Abstract :

Strigolactones (SLs) are a unique and novel class of phytohormones that regulate numerous processes of growth and development in plants. Besides their endogenous functions as hormones, SLs are exuded by plant roots to stimulate critical interactions with symbiotic fungi but can also be exploited by parasitic plants to trigger their seed germination. In the past decade, since their discovery as phytohormones, rapid progress has been made in understanding the SL biosynthesis and signaling pathway. Of particular interest are the diversification of natural SLs and their exact mode of perception, selectivity, and hydrolysis by their dedicated receptors in plants. Here we provide an overview of the emerging field of SL perception with a focus on the diversity of canonical, non-canonical, and synthetic SL probes. Moreover, this review offers useful structural insights into SL perception, the precise molecular adaptations that define receptor-ligand specificities, and the mechanisms of SL hydrolysis and its attenuation by downstream signaling components.

PubMedSearch : Guercio_2023_Phytochem.Rev_22_339
PubMedID: 37201177

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Guercio AM, Palayam M, Shabek N (2023)
Strigolactones: diversity, perception, and hydrolysis
Phytochemistry Review 22 :339

Guercio AM, Palayam M, Shabek N (2023)
Phytochemistry Review 22 :339