Title : Effectiveness of certain drugs in acute malathion intoxication in rats - Husain_1990_Ecotoxicol.Environ.Saf_19_271
Author(s) : Husain K , Ansari RA
Ref : Ecotoxicology & Environmental Safety , 19 :271 , 1990
Abstract :

The protective effects of atropine, diacetylmonoxime (DAM), and diazepam separately and in combination were investigated in rats exposed to malathion. Malathion (500 mg/kg, ip) inhibited acetylcholinesterase (AchE) activity in RBC and brain and produced hyperglycemia and hyperlactacidemia with depletion of glycogen in liver, triceps, and brain of animals 2 hr after its administration. Atropine (20 mg/kg, ip) given immediately after malathion abolished hyperglycemia and glycogenolytic effect but exhibited no effect on the recovery of inhibited AchE activity. DAM (100 mg/kg ip) given immediately after malathion significantly reactivated the inhibited AchE activity both in RBC and brain. It also partially modified hyperglycemia and glycogenolytic effect. Diazepam (50 mg/kg, ip) slightly modified AchE and abolished hyperglycemia, hyperlactacidemia, and glycogenolytic effects. A combination of these drugs protected the animals from the acute toxic effects of malathion.

PubMedSearch : Husain_1990_Ecotoxicol.Environ.Saf_19_271
PubMedID: 2364909

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Husain K, Ansari RA (1990)
Effectiveness of certain drugs in acute malathion intoxication in rats
Ecotoxicology & Environmental Safety 19 :271

Husain K, Ansari RA (1990)
Ecotoxicology & Environmental Safety 19 :271