Title : Survey of imported green coffee beans for pesticide residues - Jacobs_1993_Food.Addit.Contam_10_575
Author(s) : Jacobs RM , Yess NJ
Ref : Food Additives & Contaminants , 10 :575 , 1993
Abstract :

The US Food and Drug Administration carries out incidence/level monitoring in order to acquire data on the presence and amounts of pesticide residues in particular commodity/chemical combinations. In the survey reported here, imported green coffee beans were analysed for a variety of pesticide chemicals. A total of 60 green coffee samples were collected from 21 countries that are major exporters of coffee to the United States. The samples were analysed for organochlorine/organophosphorus, N-methyl carbamate, benomyl group and EBDC residues. Four samples had detectable residues: chlorpyrifos, 0.01, 0.02 and 0.04 ppm and pirimiphos-methyl, 0.01 ppm. The majority (93%) of the green coffee samples analysed in this survey had no detectable pesticide residues.

PubMedSearch : Jacobs_1993_Food.Addit.Contam_10_575
PubMedID: 8224325

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Jacobs RM, Yess NJ (1993)
Survey of imported green coffee beans for pesticide residues
Food Additives & Contaminants 10 :575

Jacobs RM, Yess NJ (1993)
Food Additives & Contaminants 10 :575