Title : Genetic and genomic tools for Xenopus research: The NIH Xenopus initiative - Klein_2002_Dev.Dyn_225_384
Author(s) : Klein SL , Strausberg RL , Wagner L , Pontius J , Clifton SW , Richardson P
Ref : Developmental Dynamics , 225 :384 , 2002
Abstract :

The NIH Xenopus Initiative is establishing many of the genetic and genomic resources that have been recommended by the Xenopus research community. These resources include cDNA libraries, expressed sequence tags, full-length cDNA sequences, genomic libraries, pilot projects to mutagenize and phenotype X. tropicalis, and sequencing the X. tropicalis genome. This review describes the status of these projects and explains how to access their data and resources. Current information about these activities is available on the NIH Xenopus Web site (http://www.nih.gov/science/models/xenopus/).

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PubMedID: 12454917
Gene_locus related to this paper: xenla-a2bd54 , xenla-AAH56661 , xenla-LIPHA , xenla-ndr1a , xenla-ndr4a , xenla-ndr4b , xenla-ndrg2 , xenla-ndrg3 , xenla-P70092 , xenla-ppce , xenla-q2tap9 , xenla-q3kps5 , xenla-q3kq37 , xenla-q3kq76 , xenla-q4klb6 , xenla-q5hz74 , xenla-q5pq28 , xenla-q5u4i8 , xenla-q5u4m0 , xenla-q5u529 , xenla-q5xh01 , xenla-q5xh09 , xenla-q6ax56 , xenla-q6ax59 , xenla-q6dcc5 , xenla-q6dch2 , xenla-q6dci0 , xenla-q6dci7 , xenla-q6dcw6 , xenla-q6dd70 , xenla-q6ddg7 , xenla-q6dfc5 , xenla-q6gll2 , xenla-q6gm54 , xenla-q6gny7 , xenla-q6gp07 , xenla-q6gpx8 , xenla-q6gr22 , xenla-q6inb7 , xenla-q6ir67 , xenla-q6irp4 , xenla-q6ntq4 , xenla-q6p9h9 , xenla-q6pad5 , xenla-q6pcj9 , xenla-Q7SY73 , xenla-Q7SYT6 , xenla-Q7SYX7 , xenla-q7sz70 , xenla-Q7ZWU0 , xenla-Q7ZX97 , xenla-Q7ZXQ6 , xenla-q32n48 , xenla-q32ns5 , xenla-q52l41 , xenla-q63zg7 , xenla-q66j01 , xenla-q66j38 , xenla-q66ku0 , xenla-q66kx1 , xenla-q566i0 , xenla-q640y7 , xenla-q641f6 , xenla-q641i1 , xenla-q642q6 , xenla-q642r3 , xenla-Q860X9 , xenla-SPG21

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Gene_locus_frgt xenla-a2bd54    xenla-AAH56661    xenla-LIPHA    xenla-ndr1a    xenla-ndr4a    xenla-ndr4b    xenla-ndrg2    xenla-ndrg3    xenla-P70092    xenla-ppce    xenla-q2tap9    xenla-q3kps5    xenla-q3kq37    xenla-q3kq76    xenla-q4klb6    xenla-q5hz74    xenla-q5pq28    xenla-q5u4i8    xenla-q5u4m0    xenla-q5u529    xenla-q5xh01    xenla-q5xh09    xenla-q6ax56    xenla-q6ax59    xenla-q6dcc5    xenla-q6dch2    xenla-q6dci0    xenla-q6dci7    xenla-q6dcw6    xenla-q6dd70    xenla-q6ddg7    xenla-q6dfc5    xenla-q6gll2    xenla-q6gm54    xenla-q6gny7    xenla-q6gp07    xenla-q6gpx8    xenla-q6gr22    xenla-q6inb7    xenla-q6ir67    xenla-q6irp4    xenla-q6ntq4    xenla-q6p9h9    xenla-q6pad5    xenla-q6pcj9    xenla-Q7SY73    xenla-Q7SYT6    xenla-Q7SYX7    xenla-q7sz70    xenla-Q7ZWU0    xenla-Q7ZX97    xenla-Q7ZXQ6    xenla-q32n48    xenla-q32ns5    xenla-q52l41    xenla-q63zg7    xenla-q66j01    xenla-q66j38    xenla-q66ku0    xenla-q66kx1    xenla-q566i0    xenla-q640y7    xenla-q641f6    xenla-q641i1    xenla-q642q6    xenla-q642r3    xenla-Q860X9    xenla-SPG21    xenla-Q7ZYK0    xenla-q641e6

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Klein SL, Strausberg RL, Wagner L, Pontius J, Clifton SW, Richardson P (2002)
Genetic and genomic tools for Xenopus research: The NIH Xenopus initiative
Developmental Dynamics 225 :384

Klein SL, Strausberg RL, Wagner L, Pontius J, Clifton SW, Richardson P (2002)
Developmental Dynamics 225 :384