Title : Insecticidal organophosphates: Nature made them first - Neumann_1987_Experientia_43_1235
Author(s) : Neumann R , Peter HH
Ref : Experientia , 43 :1235-1237 , 1987
Abstract : Out of three most important classes of synthetic insecticides only the carbamates and pyrethroids were known to have ancestors in nature. Now two organophosphates (which are quite good insecticides and very potent acetylcholinesterase inhibitors, e.g. comparable to carbofuran) have been isolated from Streptomyces antibiotices antibioticus strain DSM 1951.
ESTHER : Neumann_1987_Experientia_43_1235
PubMedSearch : Neumann_1987_Experientia_43_1235

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Neumann R, Peter HH (1987)
Insecticidal organophosphates: Nature made them first
Experientia 43 :1235-1237

Neumann R, Peter HH (1987)
Experientia 43 :1235-1237