Title : Cholinergic Capsules and Academic Admonitions - Taylor_2021_Annu.Rev.Pharmacol.Toxicol_61_25
Author(s) : Taylor P
Ref : Annual Review of Pharmacology & Toxicology , 61 :25 , 2021
Abstract :

Herein, I intend to capture highlights shared with my academic and research colleagues over the 60 years I devoted initially to my graduate and postdoctoral training and then to academic endeavors starting as an assistant professor in a new medical school at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). During this period, the Department of Pharmacology emerged from a division within the Department of Medicine to become the first basic science department, solely within the School of Medicine at UCSD in 1979. As part of the school's plans to reorganize and to retain me at UCSD, I was appointed as founding chair. Some years later in 2002, faculty, led largely within the Department of Pharmacology and by practicing pharmacists within UCSD Healthcare, started the independent Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences with a doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) program, where I served as the founding dean. My career pathway, from working at my family-owned pharmacy to chairing a department in a school of medicine and then becoming the dean of a school of pharmacy at a research-intensive, student-centered institution, involved some risky decisions. But the academic, curricular, and accreditation challenges posed were met by a cadre of creative faculty colleagues. I offer my experiences to individuals confronted with a multiplicity of real or imagined opportunities in academic health sciences, the related pharmaceutical industry, and government oversight agencies.

PubMedSearch : Taylor_2021_Annu.Rev.Pharmacol.Toxicol_61_25
PubMedID: 33411578

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Taylor P (2021)
Cholinergic Capsules and Academic Admonitions
Annual Review of Pharmacology & Toxicology 61 :25

Taylor P (2021)
Annual Review of Pharmacology & Toxicology 61 :25