Title : A smart micellar system with an amine-containing polycarbonate shell - Wang_2012_Acta.Biomater_8_589
Author(s) : Wang HF , Luo XH , Liu CW , Feng J , Zhang XZ , Zhuo RX
Ref : Acta Biomater , 8 :589 , 2012
Abstract :

The present paper reports the design and preparation of an amphiphilic triblock co-polymer poly(sigma-caprolactone) (PCL)-poly(6,14-dimethyl-1,3,9,11-tetraoxa-6,14-diaza-cyclohexadecane-2,10-dione) (PADMC)-PCL and the use of micelles composed of them as carriers for pH-sensitive drug release. The triblock co-polymers were synthesized via two-step ring-opening polymerization with catalysis by Novozym-435 lipase. By adjusting the feed ratio, three co-polymers with different PCL lengths and the same PADMC length were produced. The block structure of the co-polymers obtained was confirmed by comparative studies on PCL-PADMC-PCLs and the corresponding random poly(sigma-caprolactone-random-6,14-dimethyl-1,3,9,11-tetraoxa-6,14-diaza-cyclohexadecane-2,10-dione) (poly(CL-r-ADMC)) by means of nuclear magnetic resonance and differential scanning calorimetry. Cell cytotoxicity tests showed that the co-polymer displayed no apparent cytotoxicity to 293T and HeLa cells. Transmissions electron microscopy indicates that the self-assembled micelles exhibited a well-defined spherical shape with a diameter between -30 and 50 nm. The critical aggregation concentration was dependent on the block composition. Due to the presence of ionizable tertiary amine groups in the PADMC block, acid-induced variation in the micellar morphology was evident with respect to micelle size and size distribution. The size-pH curve was characterized by a smooth sigmoid form, and had a dramatic upward shift with decreasing pH from 6.5 to 4.5, which correlated well with the buffer range of hydrophilic PADMC. As a demonstration of the potential of PCL-PADMC-PCL micelles to control drug delivery, acid induced drug release for prednisone acetate-loaded micelles was explored. PCL-PADMC-PCL micelles show good promise as smart drug carriers, sensing the local specific pH decrease around lesion sites.

PubMedSearch : Wang_2012_Acta.Biomater_8_589
PubMedID: 21925625

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Wang HF, Luo XH, Liu CW, Feng J, Zhang XZ, Zhuo RX (2012)
A smart micellar system with an amine-containing polycarbonate shell
Acta Biomater 8 :589

Wang HF, Luo XH, Liu CW, Feng J, Zhang XZ, Zhuo RX (2012)
Acta Biomater 8 :589