Name : Porcine dipeptidyl peptidase IV (CD26) in complex with 7-Benzyl-1,3-dimethyl-8-piperazin-1-yl-3,7-dihydro-purine-2,6-dione (BDPX)

Revelation date : 28-Feb-2006

Family : DPP4N_Peptidase_S9

Gene_locus : pig-dpp4

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Engel, M., Hoffmann, T., Manhart, S., Heiser, U., Chambre, S., Huber, R., Demuth, H.-U., Bode, W

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Title : Rigidity and flexibility of dipeptidyl peptidase IV: crystal structures of and docking experiments with DPIV - Engel_2006_J.Mol.Biol_355_768
Author(s) : Engel M , Hoffmann T , Manhart S , Heiser U , Chambre S , Huber R , Demuth HU , Bode W
Ref : Journal of Molecular Biology , 355 :768 , 2006
PubMedID: 16330047
Gene_locus related to this paper: pig-dpp4

Representative scheme of Prolylcarboxypeptidase structure and an image from PDBsum server


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