Name : Structure of a thermophilic esterase

Revelation date : 25-May-2016

Family : 6_AlphaBeta_hydrolase

Gene_locus : arcfu-est2

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Sayer, C., Finnigan, W., Isupov, M.N., Levisson, M., Kengen, S.W.M., van der Oost, J., Harmer, N., Littlechild, J.A.:
A thermophilic esterase with high activity towards short- to medium-chain
p-nitrophenyl carboxylic esters with optimal activity towards the valerate ester.
The AF-Est2 has good solvent and pH stability and is very thermostable,
showing no loss of activity after incubation for 30min at 80 C.
The structure reveals a bound CoA molecule in the vicinity of the active site

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Title : Structural and biochemical characterisation of Archaeoglobus fulgidus esterase reveals a bound CoA molecule in the vicinity of the active site - Sayer_2016_Sci.Rep_6_25542
Author(s) : Sayer C , Finnigan W , Isupov MN , Levisson M , Kengen SW , Van der Oost J , Harmer NJ , Littlechild JA
Ref : Sci Rep , 6 :25542 , 2016
PubMedID: 27160974
Gene_locus related to this paper: arcfu-est2

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