Name : Structure of FAE solved by SAD from data collected at the peak of the Selenium absorption edge on ID30B

Revelation date : 07-Feb-2018

Family : A85-Feruloyl-Esterase

Gene_locus : clotm-xyny

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McCarthy, A.A., Barrett, R., Beteva, A., Caserotto, H., Dobias, F., Felisaz, F., Giraud, T., Guijarro, M., Khadrouche, A., Lentini, M., Leonard, G.A., Lopez Marrero, M., Malbet-Monaco, S., McSweeney, S., Nurizzo, D., Papp, G., Rossi, C., Sinoir, J., Sorez, C., Surr, J., Svensson, O., Zander, U., Cipriani, F., Theveneau, P., Mueller-Dieckmann, C. || In the structure the active Serine is phosphorylated by an unknown mechanism

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Title : ID30B - a versatile beamline for macromolecular crystallography experiments at the ESRF - McCarthy_2018_J.Synchrotron.Radiat_25_1249
Author(s) : McCarthy AA , Barrett R , Beteva A , Caserotto H , Dobias F , Felisaz F , Giraud T , Guijarro M , Janocha R , Khadrouche A , Lentini M , Leonard GA , Lopez Marrero M , Malbet-Monaco S , McSweeney S , Nurizzo D , Papp G , Rossi C , Sinoir J , Sorez C , Surr J , Svensson O , Zander U , Cipriani F , Theveneau P , Mueller-Dieckmann C
Ref : J Synchrotron Radiat , 25 :1249 , 2018
Abstract : McCarthy_2018_J.Synchrotron.Radiat_25_1249
ESTHER : McCarthy_2018_J.Synchrotron.Radiat_25_1249
PubMedSearch : McCarthy_2018_J.Synchrotron.Radiat_25_1249
PubMedID: 29979188
Gene_locus related to this paper: clotm-xyny

Representative scheme of Prolylcarboxypeptidase structure and an image from PDBsum server